The Truth About Momo, the Latest Viral Youtube Hoax

YouTube | Unexplained Mysteries

I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of the image below, of the creepy character named Momo, who is apparently instructing children to kill themselves in YouTube videos, and on various apps.

When you look at “Momo”, it’s easy to see why people might immediately become worried about the kind of influence she might have on their children, and what she might cause them to do.

However, the real villains behind this mask are internet users, who are using this as an opportunity to spread needless panic – which includes innocent folk who have been pulled along in the resulting chaos.  We’ll explain how.

Momo, the Latest Twisted Internet Hoax

YouTube | Unexplained Mysteries

The Origin of Momo

The now famous image of Momo isn’t what you might expect.  Her real name is Mother Bird, and she is a harpy sculpture that was created by a Japanese company called Link Factory, and she was showcased in 2016 at a Tokyo fetish museum.

She first made an appearance on an Instagram account, also in 2016, that was also based in Japan.  The hoax surrounding “Momo” actually made rounds back in 2018, but quickly fizzed out, only to resurface again over this past week.

Central European News

Rumors With No Basis

You’ve also most likely heard the rumors of children who supposedly committed suicide as a result of this hoax – usually as a result of interacting with “Momo” via WhatsApp, but reports have indicated that most of these stories aren’t actually true.

It has been found that it isn’t Momo herself isn’t the biggest issue – it is the viral nature of internet challenges that result in unnecessary panic, that results in even more exposure.  People jump to conclusions without bothering to fact check.

If you’re worried about your own child succumbing to similar, the best thing you can do is sit down and talk to them about internet safety, and to monitor what they have access to online.


Strange Planet Comics Will Definitely Make You Feel Weird… in a Good Way


In case your friends haven’t flooded your Facebook wall with this glorious comic yet, we’re here to help you out – as you won’t want to miss this one!

Nathan W. Pyle, a New York Times bestselling illustrator and artist has debuted a brand new comic series called Strange Planet, and it certainly is strange.  But in the very best way.  We mean it.

Here is a collection of some of our absolute favorites.  You just can’t help but relate, and you’re about to see why.  Which one is your own favorite?

Wounded Vital Organ

Nathan W. Pyle | Strange Planet

This is an excellent point.  We humans definitely have strange customs.

Exposed to Nearest Star

Nathan W. Pyle | Strange Planet

I can’t wait for star damage season to finally arrive.  I could use a little damage.

Smells Like Food

Nathan W. Pyle | Strange Planet

…just like how you need a pair of scissors to open a pair of scissors.  Just, why?!

Let Me Absorb

Nathan W. Pyle | Strange Planet

Totally worth the chance of absorbing facial fluids, and there’s nothing like a little limb enclosure to show that you really care.

One Last Hydration Cylinder

Nathan W. Pyle | Strange Planet

Funny how many hydration cylinders we go through each day in my own household.

Friends Arriving Soon

Nathan W. Pyle | Strange Planet

All I’m going to say is thank goodness for closets.

Can We Touch Hands

Nathan W. Pyle | Strange Planet

…or something like that.

And Now We Sing

Nathan W. Pyle | Strange Planet

This is my personal favorite. The way you’re expected to just sit there and stare at everyone singing about your ever-approaching demise is kind of anxiety-inducing.

Undeserved Pride

Nathan W. Pyle | Strange Planet

You’ll never think about football the same way again!  Excrement!

I Found This

Nathan W. Pyle | Strange Planet

An ideal companion, indeed.


AirBnB Guests Got More Than Expected With These Bonus Weekend Pets!

Just imagine arriving at your weekend AirBnb getaway, and finding a bonus companion that you get to spend your vacation with.  I mean, I’d be perfectly willing to pay for a few bonus cuddles myself, and it appears that these folk got them included for free!

Scroll down to see some of the best and most adorable AirBnb hosts ever.

Is that you, Toothless?

Reddit | _jery_

“Never saw this cutie before.  Slept the whole night on my blanket.  :)”

We Are Siamese…

Reddit | maigrun

“Last month we hit the airbnb jackpot!”

Puppy Paradise

Reddit | G65Mondo

“Host was concerned that I would cancel because he had puppies. Instead, I stayed an entire extra week!”  (who would dare cancel?!)

Just a Few More Minutes, Ma…

Reddit | dertigo

“Airbnb said there were a few dogs on the property, and this little fella was one of them.  Best rental ever.”

Pretty Kitty

Reddit | pretty dreams

“This majestic beast at my Airbnb…”

Don’t You Dare Make Him Move!

Reddit | Agu Quintos

“My host has a dog, and when I got up to go the bathroom, I came back to find this.”

Purring Peepers

Reddit | Pinionedspiral

“Arrived at my AirBnB in Japan to find this in my bed.”

A Floating Fluff

Reddit | bliss01

“Our AirBnB came with a flying dog!”

Cutest Kitty Ever and He Knows It

Reddit | Chispy

“Woke up next to this guy.”

I Need to Know Where this AirBnB is Located

Reddit | Tan zania

“I woke up to their kitten licking my face this morning.”

Cuddle Kitty

Reddit | GallowBoob

“When your AirBnB comes with a cat.  This is Hector, who kept my head warm all night at no extra charge.”

No Way This Person is Going to Move Anytime Soon

Reddit | BitOfAWindUp

“Made friends with the cat at our AirBnB, turns out he doesn’t even live there!”

D’awwwww My God

Reddit | cdc420

“This sweet boy named Benny greeted us with his teddy bear when we got to our AirBnB.”

Bitsy Bellhop

Reddit | 3magdnim

“My AirBnB has a bellhop now.”

He’s Just Kidding

Reddit | missusrobins

“One special goat friend at our AirBnB.  Our host assured us she’s fine.”

See You Next Time!

Reddit | ajbajo01

“Staying at an AirBnB on a farm, $22/night and all the animals you can pet.”


Tinder Banned This Guy Thanks to His Hilarious Profiles – Find Out Why!

Instagram: Niftyshadesofjake

If you’re familiar with the Tinder app, you’re probably used to seeing the occasional silly profile from time to time, but Jake takes the cake.

Scroll down to see some of Jake’s funniest profiles that have the Tinder community rolling over in laughter.  You won’t want to swipe left on this one!

Still Single

Instagram: Niftyshadesofjake

“I was feeling 22, but really I am 27 and should probably start taking dating seriously.

Swipe right to fill the blank space in my heart.  If you aren’t looking for a love story, baby just swipe left.”

Love is Blind

Instagram: Niftyshadesofjake

“No need to fear me getting back with my ex.  She won’t even look at me.  Anyways, unlike her, I promise to only bring out the blindfold if we decide to get kinky.”

Oops, She Did it Again!

Instagram: Niftyshadesofjake

“Oops!  She did it again. Girl was toxic, but I won’t be talking to her again.  Baby, not one more time.  Ignore the womanizers on this app.  Come get a piece of me.”

Irresistible Scent

Instagram: Niftyshadesofjake

“Well, I have now reached the time to delete my Tinder.  According to Axe’s commercials, my new invention will overwhelm me with ladies.

Swipe right now, or risk missing out on your chance to fall in love with a man who has the irresistible scent of a middle-school locker room.”

One Date, One Opportunity

Instagram: Niftyshadesofjake

“One date, one opportunity.  You are everything I ever wanted.  In one moment, would you swipe right, or just let it slip?

My palms won’t be sweaty.  Flirt-game not weak, charm is heavy.  I have a date planned already, let’s get spaghetti.”

Just a Little Baggage

Instagram: Niftyshadesofjake

“Girls like to travel, right?  Therefore, a smart man would then give a girl luggage as a gift.  Let me introduce you to 18 years of extra baggage.”

Let It Go

Instagram: Niftyshadesofjake

“Let it go, let it go, don’t text your ex back anymore.  Let it go, let it go, left swipe me and you might score.

Single I stand, but single I won’t stay. Lead the other guys on; the cold will let us snuggle the night away.”

Willing to Sacrifice Leg Days

Instagram: Niftyshadesofjake

“Want a guy who works out a lot, but still has time to hang out with you? Well, I’m willing to make a personal sacrifice and change leg days to date nights.

It will be rough on me, but your happiness is all that matters. Besides, pants were designed to hide the fact that I resemble an upside down triangle.”

Sorting a Few Things Out

Instagram: Niftyshadesofjake

“I have some things to sort out. But after that, I plan to Slytherin to your heart.”

Are You a Fan of Ghosting, Or…

Instagram: Niftyshadesofjake

“I’m having trouble picking a costume.  Want to help?  Swipe left if you are a fan of ghosting.  Swipe right if you are a fan of getting boned.”

Might Put a Ring On It

Instagram: Niftyshadesofjake

“Want to be crazy in love?  Well, to the left, to the left.  Swipe every other guy to the left.

If I like it, I might put a ring on it.  It could be our destiny to have a child, but for now, let’s just get pizza.”


Nike Shoe Literally Detonates During Basketball Game – We’ve Got the Explosive Details

Nike is no stranger when it comes to Zion Williamson’s Duke University basketball team.  They’ve long been outfitting the players since 1993!  Considering that Duke was taking on current front-runner North Carolina this week, Nike was probably ecstatic to have their name associated with this team.

However, things didn’t go as planned on Wednesday night, when the Nike shoes that Williamson was wearing resulted in a knee injury.  How did this happen?  The shoes very literally exploded when he planted his left foot to pivot.

Fox News | Duke University

Zion’s Shoe:  Destroyed

If you’re feeling bummed that you may have missed seeing what a blast this must have been for Williamson, SportsCenter thankfully has a clip from the moment it happened.

A view from another angle:

Fans were very quick to respond to this event online, in shared amazement that a single shoe could take out 285-pound Williamson.

Official Statement From Nike About the Incident

The Washington Post reached out to Nike, and this statement was provided via email about the incident:

“We are obviously concerned and want to wish Zion a speedy recovery,” a Nike spokesman told The Post in a statement via email. “The quality and performance of our products are of utmost importance.

“While this is an isolated occurrence, we are working to identify the issue.”

In case it isn’t obvious, it might take a while for Nike to regain trust from some professional teams.  With everything that is taken into account during a game, having your shoe explode shouldn’t be one of them.


Adorable Street Cats Living Underground Captured by Japanese Photographer

Image Credit: Nyankichi5656

Imagine taking a stroll down the street and seeing a cat’s head pop up out of a drain pipe hole!  I’m sure you’d be both perplexed and amused all at the same time, and it’d be pretty hard to not have a smile cross your face.

That is exactly the sentiment that Japanese photographer Nyankichi Rojiupa captures in a series of photos he recently shot.   These photos perfectly portray the lives of the street cats who call those holes their home.

Purrfectly Posed

Image Credit:

The very best photographs happen when there’s a real connection between the photographer and his subject.  That’s very clearly the case in this situation.

What’s Going On?

Image Credit:

Who needs a bird’s eye view when you can have your very own personal underground scope?

Whatcha Got There?

Image Credit:

It would be really bad if I personally took a stroll through this area.  I’d want to take home more cats than I’d ever have room for!

A Good Way to Catch Mice, I Suppose

Image Credit:

Seriously – why would a mouse ever expect for there to be a cat embedded into the street?


Image Credit:

You know you laughed when you read that.

Sunny Side Up!

Image Credit:

Sidewalk Snake

Image Credit:

Purrfectly Content

Image Credit:

See what I mean about the photographer having a real connection with his subjects?

A Little Smush

Image Credit:

D’awwww…  you know that’s a happy kitty right there.


Image Credit:


Image Credit:

Oh, So Graceful

Image Credit:

Hey There!

Image Credit:

No Shame.  At All.

Image Credit:

Not even a bit.

Down He Goes!

Image Credit:

Don’t Mind Me, Just Chilling Out

Image Credit:

Kitty Go Bye Bye!

Image Credit:

What Are You Lookin’ At?

Image Credit:

…I Think He Got Stuck

Image Credit:

Just a Peek…

Image Credit:

Sleepy Mother Doesn’t Hold Back in Poem About Unhelpful Husband


Everyone knows that a newborn babe brings many sleepless nights, and often the mother is the one keeping watch over the baby at that time.

The mother in this story, Caroline Olling Anderson, decided to spend those long dark hours writing a very honest poem about her husband.

Mother Writes Poem About Unhelpful Husband


She posted her poem on Facebook last week, and it certainly generated a great deal of attention from those in the same boat.

Daddy’s Asleep

Caroline Olling Andersen

“My latest 4 a.m. poem”

“I love your daddy, I really do,
After all, without daddy, I wouldn’t have you.
But from midnight till sunrise, it’s just you and I.
And as each hour passes, I’m not gonna lie:
Mommy’s love slowly fades, becomes angry and weak,
Because no matter what, your dad is f*cking asleep!

It all starts out lovely. We kiss each other goodnight.

We look lovingly down at you dear, such a beautiful sight.
An hour later, mommy wakes with a start.
You’re twisting and turning, you’re starting to fart.
You’re gesturing for food. Mommy is there
with a bottle or breast
Daddy is snoring away, the way he knows best.

Mommy burps you, and holds you and rocks you with care.

You spew foul smelling yogurt on mommy’s freshly washed hair.
As mommy changes her shirt, and mops vomit off the floor.
Your daddy farts, rolls over, and continues to snore.

Mommy’s maternal alarm goes off, it’s not even three!
You’re stirring again, you’re hungry and staring at me!
“I think she is hungry” your daddy offers, pulls duvet over his head,
Mommy sends him a death stare and rolls out of bed.
Mommy comes back, tired and drained and what is this I see?

Your daddy has taken over my side, doesn’t give a f*ck about me!

Mommy kicks him and pushes him angrily away.

“What’s up love?” He moans in a lovingly way.
Your daddy has no clue he is under attack.
He wraps his arms around me and kisses my back.
And just as my love for daddy is back on the rise,
You start to coo in your crib and open your eyes.
And daddy gently nudges me to attend to your need.
I give him the finger as I prepare for a feed.

But as the sun starts rising, the slate is wiped clear.

I’m back to full love for your daddy and for you my dear.
I forget that daddy sleeps while you cry and you poo.
It’s back to kissing and hugging and doting on you.

Soon you’ll grow up and be daddy’s little girl.
You’ll not remember me cleaning up sh*t and vomit hurl.
Whilst you sit on his lap and he sings you a song,
You’ll love him and think daddy could do nothing wrong.
But my sweet love, here is a poem for you to keep,
So you know that all those long nights, dad was f*cking asleep.”

Not As Bad As It Seems

Although the poem seems to be placing a lot of blame on the father, that wasn’t this mother’s intent – although her husband wasn’t especially amused when she read it to him the next morning.

The truth is that this particular couple had made a deal while the mother was still pregnant, that she would take the night shift to allow her husband to be well-rested the next day because he spends 10-12 hours teaching young children himself.

Caroline explained that her husband really is a fantastic dad in general, but that those late nights can sometimes cause a little passive-aggressive behavior to come through.  She said that her husband is an amazing primary school teacher who brings a lot of fun and humor both to their relationship, his students, and now towards their new child.


Shocking Facts About Old Hollywood Actors You Won’t Believe!

MGM | The Wizard of Oz

We’ve compiled some of the most incredible facts about Old Hollywood actors that will literally make your jaw drop.  Do you know about any facts that aren’t mentioned here?  Leave them in the comments below!

MGM | The Wizard of Oz

Auntie Em Committed Suicide

As someone who had long suffered from arthritis, actor Clara Blandick who famously played Auntie Em in the Wizard of Oz, simply couldn’t take the pain anymore.  She took the time to do her hair and makeup, put on a nice dress, and then ended her life with an overdose of sleeping pills and a bag tied over her head.

She left a note that said, “I am now about to make the greatest adventure.  I cannot endure this agonizing pain any longer.  It is all over my body…  I pray the Lord, my soul, to take. Amen.”

James Dean and the Dangers of Driving

As you may know, the world lost famous actor James Dean as a result of reckless driving.  What most people may not realize is that just a month before his death, he filmed a public service announcement asking people not to drive recklessly on highways.

Even more eery was this quote from the PSA: “I find myself being very cautious on the highway. Take it easy driving, kids. The life you might save might be mine.”

Shirley Temple Was a Dwarf

Or at least, that was a big rumor at the height (get it, height?) of her popularity. This rumor was so widely believed that the Vatican actually sent someone out to investigate whether it was actually true or not.

No, it wasn’t true.

Something That Should Never, Never Have Happened

You can probably recall the voice of Peter Pan from the Disney film in your head, but there is a really sad story behind it.

Bobby Driscoll, who voiced Peter Pan, died in an abandoned apartment building at the young age of 31, penniless, and his body wasn’t identified until a year after his death.

Montgomery Clift’s Life Was Saved by Elizabeth Taylor

Red River (1948) actor, Montgomery Clift suffered a horrendous vehicle accident, where he almost choked to death on two of his teeth that had become lodged in the back of his throat.  Elizabeth Taylor told her version of the incident that occurred on May 12, 1956, in an interview:

“I pulled his head off the dashboard and the steering wheel, and I probably shouldn’t have touched him, but his head was getting bigger and bigger.  And by this time, it was almost level with his delicate shoulders.

And he opened his eyes and they were bright red, so the blue of them looked even bluer, and he looked like an alien.”

The accident was a result of Clift falling asleep behind the wheel, and he required plastic surgery to repair his broken nose and jaw, severe facial lacerations and a fractured sinus.


Regretful Online Purchases That’ll Make You LOL

Facebook | Cr8tiveIdeas

The thing about making purchases online is that you might not always get what you expect!  That’s exactly what happened in the images below, though granted…  I think some of them are actually better than expected!  (at least, for the humor factor alone.)

Do you agree?  Let us know in the comments below!

Hilariously Unexpected Online Purchases

Sterling Silver Spaghettios

Facebook | Cr8tiveIdeas

At least, they’re about the same size as spaghettios!  Seriously, who would ever need to wear a ring this size?  A baby’s finger wouldn’t even fit.

Yeez, Check out those Yeezies!

Facebook | Cr8tiveIdeas

I think that’s kind of what he deserves for spending $750+ on a pair of sneakers!

Not Quite the Right Size

Facebook | Cr8tiveIdeas

Plot twist:  Maybe she’s actually a giant human, and the mask is actually normal sized?

Slender Bear

Facebook | Cr8tiveIdeas

I’m sorry, but those legs are the stuff of nightmares.  This is what you’d send your worst enemy, not a friend, loved one or child!

Not so Form-Fitting

Facebook | Cr8tiveIdeas

Even more hilarious than the bad cut and sizing – check out the model’s obviously photoshopped hand in the left image!

Deceptive Dino

Facebook | Cr8tiveIdeas

Come ON, you know this had to have been done on purpose!  I’m pretty sure most parents wouldn’t want to give a pillow to their child that has the image of another child sleeping on it already.  Not to mention, wouldn’t that be awfully creepy to look at during the daytime?

Clear-ly Too Teeny

Facebook | Cr8tiveIdeas

…maybe you need to water it first?

Miniscule Muscle … Tank Top?

Facebook | Cr8tiveIdeas

To be fair, he DOES look better than how most girls might while wearing this.

A Swimmingly Good Time.  Not.

Facebook | Cr8tiveIdeas

Maybe this was advertised as a 3-ft swimming pool?

Green Goddess

Facebook | Cr8tiveIdeas

I’m sure a little ironing will fix it right up!

What a Tool

Facebook | Cr8tiveIdeas

I guess it IS technically a chainsaw…

A Rug for Bugs

Facebook | Cr8tiveIdeas

Perhaps this is better suited for an Aladdin themed playset.

Awesome Shirt, Dude

Facebook | Cr8tiveIdeas

I’d even go as far as to say this shirt is rather high koala-ty!

Size 11, for Babies

Facebook | Cr8tiveIdeas

Even worse than getting the wrong size, this shoe is very clearly a knock-off. Check out that backward swoosh!


Anti-Valentine’s Day Memes That’ll Make Salty Singles Rejoice!


Valentine’s Day has finally arrived, and with it comes all sorts of magical love, affection and care for your very special lov…  okay, okay already.

So today isn’t all that great for everyone, and you have to admit that it comes with a fair amount of annoyances too.  You know… all the money spent, time preparing that isn’t appreciated, roses that will only wilt, chocolates that aren’t your favorite.  Yeah.

In honor of all of the romantic revelry that will take place on this day, we present some of our very favorite anti-valentine’s day memes.

To Put it Literally…


Why yes. Today IS February 14th.

True Story


Plus it’ll help you sleep at night!

The Way to a Man’s Heart


Aye, the way to a woman’s heart as well!

Low Expectations FTW


This is where a steady supply of icecream comes in handy.

Taking Out the Trash



Rub It In, Whydoncha?


Wait, is there something wrong with that?

Take Heart, Kittens


This is obviously the kind of heart any kitten would appreciate the most.

Everyone Appreciates a Sense of Humor


Having a little security in your relationship is a good thing, yes?

Oh My.


Technically True


Ah, the air you breathe.

Yes, Yes It Is


All the beers.

It’s Good to Have Goals


These might be less than savory goals, but they ARE goals.  That’s what really matters, right?

Heck Yeah!


Raise a glass to how amazing you are, even while all alone.  There’s nothing wrong with focusing on yourself every once in awhile.

There Is a Bit of Accuracy Here, Yes


Sorry, gals…  even though you obviously make an effort as well, you know that the first image is a common result, and gosh knows everyone wouldn’t mind saving a little cash!

Talk About a Perfect Day!


I dunno about you, but holing up in a bedroom all day, reading books, watching tv, munching on chocolates I personally picked out myself, and a nice glass of wine?  Yes, please!


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