Easter Eggs from the Lego 2 Movie You May Have Missed


If you were a fan of how many references that the first Lego Movie managed to fit into just about every scene, you’re going to be even more satisfied with what the Lego Movie 2 accomplishes!

There are many secret little details and cameos that happen so quickly that you might miss them the first time you get a chance to watch the movie.

Read on to discover some of the biggest easter eggs you may not have spotted during your first viewing.


Harley Quinn Cameo

There is one point in the movie where the residence of Bricksburg are gathered together after the “aliens” abduct some of the more familiar faces.  Harley Quinn makes a quick cameo at this point, calling out “that’s a Suicide mission!”

Any fans of Harley would immediately catch onto the reference.

Sparkly Vampires

If you’re familiar with the entire Twilight series, you’ll immediately notice how the Lego Movie 2 was influenced!  Let’s just say that the entire wedding coordination team featured in this movie is very obviously related to the Cullens.


Ladies, rejoice!  Your newly favorite superhero makes more than one cameo in the new Lego Movie 2.  Jason Momoa’s likeness along with his voice (Chee-hoo!) is borrowed in this film.  He is actually the very first actor to voice his own superhero role in a Lego movie version.

Batman in Abundance

If you’re a fan of the Batman series, you’re going to be very happy with the Lego Movie 2.  Of course, there is the Batman character we all know and love, but there is also an incredible amount of nods to the entire Batman franchise.

Not only does he mention the nine Batman movies that already exist, but also the three more that are currently in development.  Even better, there are also classic Batsuit cameos, and every Batman actor is given a little love and recognition throughout the film.

Where Are My Pants?

The movie even pays a nod to itself as far as references go!  During one of the ending scenes, the father, played by Will Farrel calls out to the mother, Maya Rudolph – asking her to help him find his pants.

This movie helps lend where some of the most infamous lines of the original movie originated from the outside world, into the children’s minds who then created their own “Lego” world.  On that note, it is impressive how the movie had the foresight to record the children while they were younger, while their older selves were also presented.

Last, if you haven’t seen this movie yet – make sure to pay special attention to the song that plays during the credits, and listen to the words.  You won’t regret it.  You also shouldn’t listen to the naysayers who believe the second movie bombed – see it for yourself to see why that simply isn’t true.


Ariana Grande Blasts Angry Tweets After Cardi B Grammy Win

If you haven’t heard, Ariana Grande didn’t take Cardi B’s Grammy win very well, but not for the reasons you might expect.  As a result, she took her frustration out on Twitter with a string of angry tweets that clearly showed she wasn’t happy.


Ariana Grande Tweets During Grammy

Grande did not attend the show herself because of recent differences with the producers over the song choice she was supposed to sing, but she did watch the Grammys and live-tweeted throughout the telecast.  When the best rap album category winner was announced, she made her thoughts clearly known by tweeting, “f—“, followed by “trash”, and then “Literal bull—-.”

Though it sounded like she was upset over Cardi B, her reaction was actually out of pure devastation that her late ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller, didn’t win the award after his grieving parents had been invited to attend the show.

Grande Provides Clarification

She later clarified why she was so upset, and explained that it wasn’t because of Cardi B herself, by tweeting, “Nothing to do w her. good for her.  i promise.  i’m sorry”.  She further explained her reaction by saying, “She’s not at all and that’s not what i meant and u know that.”

Perhaps to further prove her intent, Grande later liked a post on Cardi B’s Instagram where the rapper had posted the caption, “WE WON A F— GRAMMY!”  Grande also posted three hearts in the comment area.

Grande mentioned in a Twitter reply that she was frustrated because “this. this is what i meant.  karen was gonna have a great suit made”, which nodded to the fact that Miller’s mother planned to wear a green suit to bring awareness to what caused her son’s death.

Although Grande was upset because she thought the Grammy’s wasn’t showing proper respect to Miller’s family, they did honor him during an In Memoriam segment of the broadcast.


This Zoo Offers the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift for Your Ex (Warning: Cockroaches are Involved)


Ah, Valentine’s Day. When you have a significant other, the so-called holiday brings a lot of pressure to find the perfect gift. We care a lot, but this article is not for you. This one is for the dumped, the freshly single and the salty. If Valentine’s Day drudges up memories of your ex, then read on for the perfect gift idea.


A Gift for your Ex? Why?

Why would you want to buy a gift for your ex on Valentine’s Day? Catharsis, that’s why. This is no ordinary Valentine’s Day gift! The El Paso Zoo has come up with the most perfect gift you could ever give to your ex.

By simply sending a Facebook message to the zoo, you can have a cockroach named after your ex. But wait, it gets even better. On Valentine’s Day, you can watch your ex’s namesake be devoured by an adorable meerkat.

That’s right. Name a cockroach after your ex and then watch it get eaten. Talk about cathartic!

What's the perfect Valentine's Day gift? ❤️ Naming a cockroach after your ex, of course! Message us your ex's name and…

Posted by El Paso Zoo on Monday, February 4, 2019

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift (For the Dumped)

“This is a fun way to get the community involved in our daily enrichment activities,” said El Paso Zoo even coordinator Sarah Borrego to CBS News. “The meerkats love to get cockroaches as a snack and what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than by feeding them a cockroach named after your ex!”

We did not get any details on Ms. Borrego’s love life, but we assume that like most of us, she has a name in mind.

A Roachy Trend

The El Paso Zoo isn’t the only zoo getting in on this fun trend. The Hemsley Conservation Center in Kent, England, and the Bronx Zoo also offers a similar roach-naming gift, which they call “eternal” and “timeless.” We concur!

We have a feeling that since this idea has blown up online, those meerkats will have to loosen their belts after their feeding on February 14.

Who will you name?


Have You Ever Seen Anything So Cute as this Hedgehog?

Azuki the Hedgehog
hedgehog_azuki via Instagram

If you’re not familiar with Azuki the hedgehog, you’re certainly missing out. The Instagram-famous pygmy hedgehog from Japan is one of the internet’s most loveable animals.

Thanks to social media, we all get to see this little fella’s super cute photo shoots. From cooking to camping trips, this little guy is not just adorable, he’s also adventurous!

This is Azuki

He’s kind of, like, the cutest hedgehog on social media. Trust us.

Let’s Get Cooking

We don’t know what Azuki is making here, but we bet it’ll be delicious!

Summer Vacay

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summer vacation 🏖 今年もフラミンゴの浮き輪の季節がやってきました😍 . 1枚目: あずき 2枚目: もなか . 実は去年使った時に、ハリで穴が開いていて😅空気入れてもすぐスカスカになってしまう💦💦💦😅 . . #夏休み #summer #hotsummer #浮き輪 #水遊び #summervacation #flamingofloat #フラミンゴ #flamingo #floating #はりねずみ #ハリネズミ #hedgehog #pygmyhedgehog #lovelypet #cuteanimals #はりねずみのあずき #hedgie #hedgehogazuki #cuteness
#hedgehogsofinstagram #animaladdicts #cuddles #puppiesforall #petscorner #cutepetclub #worldofcutepets #animalvibes #watersports

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What Instagram hipster doesn’t have a pink flamingo float?

 Azuki Goes Camping

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I asked Coleman to help me build a tent. The inside of the tent is comfortable🤗 『コールマンさんに手伝ってもらいながらテントをたてたよ〜。テント⛺️の中は居心地が良いなあ〜😊💕』 . あずき無事にテント設営できました! テントの中から『いいでしょ!』って顔で覗いてきます。 . . この投稿はコールマンジャパン様とのタイアップになります⛺️ . #outdoorwagon #wagon #tent #テント #アウトドアワゴン #ワゴン #coleman #コールマン #キャンプ #camp #ミニチュア #miniature #はりねずみ #ハリネズミ #針鼠 #ふわもこ部 #hedgehog #pygmyhedgehog #cuteanimals #はりねずみのあずき #hedgie #Hérisson #igel#riccio #Erizo #고슴도치 #刺猬 #africanpygmyhedgehog #hedgehogazuki #あずきのキャンプ

A post shared by Azuki the hedgehog はりねずみのあずき (@hedgehog_azuki) on

Isn’t this the most adorable little setup? Coleman even provided Azuki with a hedgie-sized tent!

Eating While BBQing

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「I eat secretly during cooking…😋」 . 『ちょっとつまみ食い🍳…ペロリっ💕』 . 腹が減っては戦ができぬ。コールマンさんと一緒にお昼ご飯🥘🍴を作ります。 あずきは早速つまみ食い。父ちゃんもお腹が空いてきました…。 . . . この投稿はコールマンジャパン様とのタイアップになります⛺️ . #burner #cooler #クーラーボックス #ツーバーナー #coleman #コールマン #キャンプ #camp #ミニチュア #miniature #はりねずみ #ハリネズミ #針鼠 #ふわもこ部 #hedgehog #cuteanimals #はりねずみのあずき #hedgie #Hérisson #igel#riccio #Erizo #고슴도치 #刺猬 #africanpygmyhedgehog #hedgehogazuki #あずきのキャンプ

A post shared by Azuki the hedgehog はりねずみのあずき (@hedgehog_azuki) on

Skilled inside and outside the kitchen, it seems Azuki is a grill master.

The Great Outdoors

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「Lunch in nature🌲 feels better than usual~. "Camp Food 🥘 ”is so good!!」 . 『ん〜! 🌲自然の中🌲で食べるご飯🍳は、いつもより美味しく感じるなぁ〜。キャンプ飯って最高だね😋』 . お腹いっぱいで満足げなあずき。麦わら帽子👒をかぶって優雅に食後のコーヒータイム☕️です。 . テーブルの上のピンクのランタン💡は、コールマンさんがあずきの生まれ年のシーズンランタンを用意してくれました。 . . この投稿はコールマンジャパン様とのタイアップになります⛺️ . #outdoors #table #アウトドア #cooler #クーラーボックス #coleman #コールマン #キャンプ #ランタン #camp #ミニチュア #miniature #はりねずみ #ハリネズミ #針鼠 #ふわもこ部 #hedgehog #pygmyhedgehog #cuteanimals #はりねずみのあずき #hedgie #Hérisson #igel#riccio #Erizo #고슴도치 #刺猬 #hedgehogazuki #あずきのキャンプ

A post shared by Azuki the hedgehog はりねずみのあずき (@hedgehog_azuki) on

He loves eating outdoors, and with this kind of view, who could blame him?

Kayaking Trip

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「one,two! one,two! I could do it well!!👍」 『イチ、ニ!イチ、ニ!上手に漕げたよ〜!🚣‍♀️』 . カヤックにあずきが乗れるか心配でしたが、ピッタリサイズにコールマンさんが作ってくれました✨。ノリノリではしゃぐあずきを見るのはとうちゃんも嬉しかったです😆💕 . . . . この投稿はコールマンジャパン様とのタイアップになります⛺️ . #ボート #kayak #boat #カヤック #coleman #コールマン #キャンプ #camp #ミニチュア #miniature #はりねずみ #ハリネズミ #針鼠 #ふわもこ部 #hedgehog #pygmyhedgehog #cuteanimals #はりねずみのあずき #hedgie #Hérisson #igel#riccio #Erizo #고슴도치 #刺猬 #africanpygmyhedgehog #hedgehogazuki #あずきのキャンプ

A post shared by Azuki the hedgehog はりねずみのあずき (@hedgehog_azuki) on

We did say he was adventurous.

Playing Sports

He may have lost his shoes, but that ball is not getting past this tenacious little goalie.

Rocking Out

Apparently, this little hedgehog is also a talented drummer.

Postmaster Azuki

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Azuki 's stamps and postcards will be released from Japan Post on June 20. (Internet shopping only) 【お知らせです〜☺️✨】 . 2018年6月20日 0時15分より、『はりねずみのあずき フレーム切手セット』が発売となります😆💕💕 . フレーム切手は1シート82円×5枚、ポストカード4枚のセットになります。 . 郵便局の窓口販売ではなく、ネットショッピングだけの販売。 . 詳しくは郵便局のオリジナルフレーム切手の告知ページを検索していただきご覧ください🙏✨ 販売ページは直前にアップされる予定です。 . . . #全て撮り下ろし #郵便屋さんのコスプレ #切手の背景イラストは父ちゃん手描き #帽子は金乙ママさん(@lalune1022 )さんにオーダー #ポストカードも完全撮り下ろし #夢みたい . . #郵便屋さん #stamps #はりねずみ #ハリネズミ #針鼠 #小動物 #ふわもこ部 #hedgehog #pygmyhedgehog #lovelypet #cuteanimals #はりねずみのあずき #hedgie #Hérisson #igel#riccio #Erizo #고슴도치 #刺猬 #africanpygmyhedgehog #hedgehogazuki

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Azuki is so popular, he even has postcards and stamps!

Movie Night

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He is relaxing on my arms 🤗 みなさま、1週間に渡りコールマンジャパン (@coleman_japan )さんとのキャンプコラボ、お付き合い頂きありがとうございます😊 . コールマンさんのアカウントで一点物のミニチュアがもらえるキャンペーンが始まってますよ〜🏕💕是非応募してみてください。 . . あずきは久々に自宅でリラックス✨キャンドゥで見つけたオーナメントのポップコーン🍿持ったらぴったりサイズでした😋 . . . #はりねずみ #ハリネズミ #針鼠 #ヨツユビハリネズミ #ヘッジホッグ #ピグミーヘッジホッグ #小動物 #動物 #ペット #ふわもこ部 #モフモフ #hedgehog #pygmyhedgehog #lovelypet #cuteanimals #はりねずみのあずき #hedgie #Hérisson #igel#riccio #Erizo #고슴도치 #刺猬 #エキゾチックアニマル #africanpygmyhedgehog #hedgehogazuki #ポップコーン

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Sometimes you’ve just got to relax with some Netflix and popcorn.

Self Care

Sometimes there’s really nothing better than a nice, relaxing bubble bath.

Pool Party

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We enjoyed the pool party🎰🎱🍷🎉🎯 お友達集めてビリヤードパーティ💕 . 来年の4月にアメリカの出版社から発売予定の『あずきの大冒険』写真集が、契約破棄となって出せなくなってしまったのでインスタに載せちゃいます😅 . 人間世界でいたずらをするあずきのストーリーの写真集を出すお話をアメリカの出版社から頂き、それに向けて小物類を買いそろえたりラフ描いたり、お友達をキャスティングしたり、準備をして進めてきました。 . が、 . やっと撮影の段階になり撮ったものを提出したら、『暗い』『茶色の背景は嫌い』『アメリカンビンテージイメージが嫌い』『持たせる小物が合わない』『シチュエーションがよく分からない』『発売前と発売後24ヶ月は翻訳版を含む一切のあずきの本の発売禁止』など、ちょっとあり得ないことを編集者が言い出し、対応出来なくなってこちらから断らせていただきました。(撮影前には全てメールでやり取りしたのに…😓) . . せっかくこの写真集のために、マシュー君(@darcytheflyinghedgehog )、おーしゃん君(@radotink_hedgehog )、スカイ君(@tomtom1486 )、うにちゃん(@uni_desu )がスタジオに大集合して協力していただいたのに、お蔵入りになってしまいとても残念です…😓💦 . . すでにスタジオ代や小物代、翻訳代や出演料などでかなりの費用をかけてしまっているし、有名ハリちゃんが一堂にそろったビジュアルはなかなかないので、世の中に出ないのは勿体ないなぁと思っています。 . もしアートブック(写真集)として出版の考えがある編集の方いましたらDMの方までご連絡下さい〜🙏🙏🙏 . 何か残せると良いなぁと思っています。 . . #ビリヤード #夜遊び #スカイ君とうにちゃんが似てる #マシュー君が監督みたいに指示してる #アリエッテイの世界 #poolparty #billiards #gameparty #billiardtable #はりねずみ #ハリネズミ #針鼠 #ふわもこ部 #hedgehog #pygmyhedgehog #lovelypet #cuteanimals #はりねずみのあずき #hedgie #Hérisson #igel#riccio #Erizo #고슴도치 #刺猬 #makemesmile #smallanimal #dwarf #hedgehogazuki #あずきの大冒険

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If you didn’t know, Azuki is also a serious pool shark.

Staying Hydrated

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It's very hot today too! Stay hydrated during the summer🥤😊👌(This is Monaka) まだまだ暑い日が続きそうですね😅水分補給忘れずに〜✨✨✨ . 写真が @ichigo_chiyoco ママさんの投稿とドンかぶり😂😂😂💦 . . . 本日も#ハリジェニック展2018 開催しております。宜しくお願いいたします🙏☺️🙏 . . . #水分補給 #drinking #はりねずみ #ハリネズミ #ふわもこ部 #モフモフ #hedgehog #pygmyhedgehog #lovelypet #cuteanimals #はりねずみのあずき #hedgie #Hérisson #고슴도치 #刺猬 #hedgehogazuki 
#hedgehogsofinstagram #animaladdicts #cuddles #meowed #puppiesforall #petscorner #cutepetclub #worldofcutepets #animalvibes #gotchaday #cozy

A post shared by Azuki the hedgehog はりねずみのあずき (@hedgehog_azuki) on

PSA: It’s important to always drink plenty of water. Azuki knows this, so should you.

Chocolate Sweet Bread

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Azuki and @uni_desu have both become images for the company "Heart Bread Antique" (@heart_bread_antique )which is well known for their product "Magical Choco Ring" (doughnut shaped sweet bread) photo by Azuki's dad (@tsunoshu) あずきとうにちゃんが、マジカルチョコリング🍩が大人気のハートブレッドアンティークさん( @heart_bread_antique )のイメージキャラクターをさせて頂く事になりました😆💕💕 . 第1弾のビジュアルは11月からの新商品『チョコかけすぎちゃったラスク🍫』です!あずきとうにちゃんが頑張ってラスクにチョコをたっぷりかけています〜😂二人ともお利口さんにポージングできました👏 . そしてハートブレッドアンティークさんから嬉しいお知らせです😆✨✨ 明日から始まる六本木フジフイルムでの『あずきとうに』写真展で、『チョコかけすぎちゃったラスク』の無料引換券を置かせて頂く事になりました。 しかも28日のトークショーでは、100名の方にラスクを無料配布してくれるとのこと!😳 . 皆さま是非是非よろしくお願い致します〜。 . . . 8月末のうにちゃんお泊まりは、この撮影のためでした😊💕 . 全商品がめちゃめちゃ美味しくって、父ちゃんリピーター。 . . . #はりねずみ #ハリネズミ #針鼠 #ミニチュア #童話の世界 #アリエッティ #あずきとうに #ハートブレッドアンティーク #heartbreadantique #miniature #smallworld #hedgehog #cuteanimals #はりねずみのあずき #hedgie #Hérisson #igel#riccio #Erizo #고슴도치 #刺猬 #hedgehogazuki #azukianduni

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Here, Azuki and Uni got to make delicious treats in a chocolate factory.


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Sweet Azu-Lion🦁🦁🦁😆💦💕 未公開のアズライオン🦁😍✨ . . 最近動画のアップが多かったせいか、新しいハリ飼いさんからDMやコメントで『どうやったらそんなに慣れますか?どうしつけたの?』と質問が多くきたのでまとめて少し書きます。 . . 前提として、ハリネズミはそんなに人間に懐いたり慣れたりしない動物です。それに1匹1匹個性豊かで、活発な子からのんびりさんまで様々な個体がいます。はっきり言ってあずきの娘のもなかは同じ育て方をしても全く慣れていません。(でも見てるだけで可愛い) . うちはたまたまあずきがインドア系でのんびりしている性格で、お迎えから二週間後くらいには匂いを覚えてくれたようで慣れ始めました。 . ただ今でも最初に触る瞬間はイガグリになり、他の子と違うとしたら、イガグリ解除が早くすぐに体を開きます。 . . トレーニングみたいなことはそもそも出来ないと思ってしてないですが、毎日触れ合ううちにだんだん自由に触れるようになったり仰向けで寝てくれたり、トイレも自分で決めた場所にするようになりました。 . . インスタの投稿が全てと思われると困っちゃうので説明が必要ですが、例えば前回のマッサージ動画も、 ●ご飯食べ終わった後の眠い時に ●触ってみて機嫌が悪くない ●毛布に包む ●お腹をマッサージしても逃げない ●10分くらいマッサージしてうとうと ●毛布をゆっくりめくっても逃げない ●近くに音を立てる家族がいない ●ちょうど娘が風呂上がりで接近 ●ジェスチャーでiPhoneを持ってきてもらい ●父ちゃんの顔の横からムービー開始 ●撮り始めてもあずきが逃げない ●いろんなマッサージを試しても逃げない ●嫁が音を立てて階段登ってきてあずき起きる ●終了 . . という奇跡が重なって今回の動画は撮れています。 なので毎回簡単にできていることではなく、お腹いっぱいでも5回に一回くらいしかマッサージは成功しないし、成功しても毛布剥いだら逃げちゃうこともたくさんあるし、撮影チャンスでも音がしたり話し声がすると起きてしまうので撮れません。 なので、自分の子が激慣れしないと悩むより、その子に合った飼い方で、みているだけでも幸せと思うようにした方が良いと思います。 . とは言え、我が家で最初にやったことは、 ●お迎え一週間は掃除以外触らない ●ケージ内に飼い主の服と同じ洗剤で洗ったタオルを入れた ●一週間したら毎日10分くらいさわる ●時間があれば服とお腹の間に入れ飼い主の体臭強制添加 ●触られて嫌な部分と良い部分を探る ●嫌な部分を触らない . . . などでした。 でも、娘のもなかは同じようにしても逃げるし糞尿は好きな場所でしてケージ内ぐちゃぐちゃになるし、ハリの質も痛いし、でもそれが個性だと思って放置しています。 . . . 慣れることが最終目標だと犬や猫を飼った方が良いかなとおもいます。ハリネズミは基本慣れないけど、たまに出てきてくれる!それだけで可愛い!みたいな気持ちでお世話していくのが良いのではといつも思っています。 . . 個人的には @harihousebokunchi のげんさんや、 @ichigo_chiyoco のイチゴ君は、スーパー激慣れハリネズミと言えるんじゃないかと思っています。 . #アズライオン #顔ハメ #ライオン #lionking #headgear #はりねずみ #ハリネズミ #hedgehog #pygmyhedgehog #lovelypet #cuteanimals #はりねずみのあずき #hedgie #Hérisson #Erizo #고슴도치 #刺猬 #hedgehogazuki 
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What a confident little cutie!

Just Married

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@uni_desu and Azuki got married ✨💒✨ 今回、素敵なご縁があり、あずきとうにさん(@uni_desu)が結婚致しましたので皆さんにご報告です! _ 実は先週から1週間お預かりして無事に夫婦になりました。今日は両家揃って顔合せもでき、とてもめでたい日となりました☺️💕 _ 今日からはまた別々に暮らし、うにさんは出産に向けての準備に入ります。どうか皆様温かい目で若い二ハリを見守っていただければ幸いです。宜しくお願い致します🙏 _ #前撮り #結婚 #婚約 #justmarried #weddingphoto #針鼠 #ピグミーヘッジホッグ #小動物 #動物 #ペット #フワモコ部 #モフモフ #hedgehog #pygmyhedgehog #lovelypet #cuteanimals #はりねずみのあずき #hedgie #Hérisson #igel#riccio #Erizo #고슴도치 #刺猬 #africanpygmyhedgehog #hedgehogazuki

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We know, he’s super cute… He’s also taken. Sorry, Ladies.


Little Joshua Trump is All of Us

Joshua Trump is an adorable 11-year-old boy with a rather unfortunate last name. And because kids are nightmare monsters, Joshua was relentlessly teased and bullied about his last name — to the point where his mother pulled him from public school.

This drew the attention of one Melania Trump and her anti-bullying campaign. The injustice was just too much for the first lady to bear, so she invited little Joshua Trump to attend the State of the Union as one of her 13 guests.

Bedtime for Democracy

The SOTU began and President Trump delivered his speech in his usual style: monotone stretches of phrases broken up by audible sniffs with the occasional high pitched quip and smug grin. We won’t get into the contents of the Address here — that’s for the “fake” news media to handle.

Instead, we’ll check in on little Joshua Trump while the President went on about the importance of his border wall.

Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images

Just look at the little guy! We’re with you buddy! I’m a grown-ass adult and nearly had the same reaction while watching the SOTU on YouTube. Who can blame the kid?

Social Media Took Notice

Immediately after the camera panned across the audience and Joshua was seen catching some winks (it was probably after his bedtime, after all!), social media lit up.

But Let’s Get Serious…

Let’s get serious for a moment, however. Most of the Tweets about Joshua falling asleep during the SOTU were in good fun and in no way criticized the 11-year-old for doing what any 11-year-old would do while a 70-something-year-old man stood at a pulpit and droned on nonstop for an hour about topics way over his head.

And despite the obvious irony in Melania Trump’s anti-bullying crusade, it is incredibly important to teach our children acceptance, tolerance and respect for other people. And most importantly, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.”

Joshua’s mother says that his classmates constantly called him “idiot” and “stupid” just because he shared the same last name as one of the most outspoken bullies on the planet. But the fact that this kid felt so bad about it that he had to be pulled from public school is a disgrace to all parents in our country.

Maybe one day in the distant future, little Joshua Trump will decide to run for President. He could even run on the slogan, “Make Trump Great Again!”

We’re with you, Joshua. Never stop being you.


The ‘Ghost’ in this College Student’s Closet was Actually a Dude

Andrew Swofford
HayleyFixlerTV via Twitter

A University of North Carolina student told the local news that she thought there was a ghost in her room. As it turns out, that ghost was actually just a guy named Drew.

Andrew Swofford
HayleyFixlerTV via Twitter

Eerie Noises

The UNCG student, identified as Maddie, said she always kept her door locked. She also noted that there were no signs of a break-in at her off-campus apartment. So, when she heard weird noises, she thought perhaps her room might be haunted.

However, she’d also noticed pieces of her clothing had gone missing here and there.

Greensboro police said that on February 3, the woman heard a strange noise in her closet.

Was it a ghost? An animal? No… it was a dude.

Finding Drew
“I just hear rattling in my closet. It sounded like a raccoon in my closet,” she told Fox 8. “I’m like, ‘Who’s there?’ And somebody answers, ‘Me.’ He’s like, ‘Oh my name is Drew.’ I open the door and he’s in there, wearing all of my clothes. My socks. My shoes. And he has a book bag full of my clothes.”

That’s right, this was no raccoon, it was a man.

“I told him, I said, you need to take my clothes off. He took my clothes off,” said the student.

While the man was not threatening or violent, that’s still a frighteningly creepy thing to encounter.

Prior Incidents

This wasn’t the first time that Maddie and her roommate had encountered strange people in their apartment. It also makes one wonder how Drew got in.

Apparently, back in December, Maddie and her roommate had come home to two strangers in their living room. At the time, the apartment complex changed the locks to the apartment in response to the intrusion.

Moving Out

Maddie and her roommate were both freaked out, as one might expect. As a result, they both decided to move out immediately.

“I can’t stay here. My closet, it stinks,” Maddie told Fox 8. “Every time I go in there, it’s like ew, there’s a bad vibe. I’m just ready to leave.”

As for the man in their closet, 30-year-old Andrew Swofford has been incarcerated at the Guilford County Jail.

He not only faces charges in respect to this incident, in total there are 14 felony charges against him. They include larceny and identify theft and failure to appear in court for several previous cases.


Jogger Couldn’t Outrun Mountain Lion, So He Did This Instead…

How do you think you’d react if you were and attacked by a mountain lion alone in the wilderness? We hope you never find out like this poor trail runner…

A yet-to-be identified Colorado man was jogging along the West Ridge Trail at Horsetooth Mountain Open Space in Fort Collins when the unthinkable happened — a mountain lion decided the runner was an easy meal. Apparently, the act of running itself triggered the animal’s hunting instincts – similar to how your housecat reacts to a toy.


The Attack

After hearing a sound behind him, the man says he turned around just in time to see the lion lunge at him – all sharp teeth and razor claws. The jogger was bitten and clawed on his face and wrist, and in a split decision, he knew that running was not an option. His only chance at survival would be to fight back.

Since he was just exercising on a well-used trail, he didn’t have a weapon on him. Mountain lions aren’t that common in Colorado, so the likelihood of an attack was minuscule. Unfortunately for the man, on that day the unlikely became reality.

The Fight

Knowing that running away wasn’t an option, the man decided to fight back. Details of the struggle have not been detailed, but we know the man somehow managed to suffocate the juvenile lion. It wasn’t an easy fight, however, and the man ended up with serious injuries on his arms, legs, back and face.

Mark Leslie, manager for the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Northeast Region, had this to say in a statement: “The runner did everything he could to save his life. In the event of a lion attack you need to do anything in your power to fight back just as this gentleman did.”

The man managed to make his way to a local hospital where he was treated for serious but not life-threatening injuries.

Obviously, the outcome of the struggle could have gone a very different way. Fortunately for this jogger, he escaped with his life — and a tale to impress his family for generations.

But don’t cancel your hiking plans just yet! As we said, attacks like these are incredibly rare.

A Rare Occurrence

In the last 100 years, only 20 fatal mountain lion attacks have been reported in North America. And in Colorado, only 16 attacks have been reported in almost 20 years. While less than one attack per year is rare, Colorado Parks and Wildlife took to Twitter to remind people that they do live among potentially dangerous predators.



Maroon 5’s Super Bowl Halftime Show Really Pissed Off Spongebob Fans


What happens when you use Spongebob to promote a Super Bowl halftime show and then fail to deliver the goods? The NFL found out this weekend when they did just that in order to promote the Maroon 5 halftime show.


Sweet Victory

In a 2005 episode of Spongebob Squarepants, the Bikini Bottom crew performed a faux-80s rock ballad called “Sweet Victory” at a football halftime show, complete with a freeze-frame victory leap by none other than Squidward. The song and episode are classic Spongebob, and fans have been petitioning for the song to be performed at the Super Bowl as a tribute to Stephen Hillenberg, the creator of Spongebob who died late last year.

Maroon 5 seemed to be receptive and the Spongebob hype grew online with thousands of fans tuning into the halftime show just to see the tribute.

They were in for disappointment.

Spongebob, Marooned

Maroon 5 began their halftime set the way you’d expect any Super Bowl act to begin – with lots of fireworks and a light show. Adam Levine took the stage, strutting around as they performed portions of a couple of their hit songs that people seem to like for some reason.

Spongebob fans stood by, eagerly anticipated their “Sweet Victory” homage to Hillenberg — the man responsible for creating the show.

And then it happened.


Suddenly, a clip from the episode that featured “Sweet Victory” began to play. Spongebob! At halftime! Squidward waved his baton, introducing a “true musical genius who needs no introduction” as we see Spongebob squirm with delight… And then? “Sweet Victory?” Nope. Travis Scott.

Wait, Who?

Travis Scott – the rapper who definitely NEEDED an introduction – came out and performed his song ”Sicko Mode” with Levine. Spongebob fans everywhere were left scratching their head. What was the Spongebob introduction for, if not for “Sweet Victory?”

As it dawned on them that there would be no “Sweet Victory” during the halftime show, many took to Twitter and Reddit. So many took to Reddit, in fact, that the site experienced technical difficulties during the remainder of the halftime show.

Downvotes, Ahoy!

The NFL and halftime organizers definitely underestimated the amount of resentment that an angry Spongebob fan can muster. The NFL’s YouTube channel has the full halftime performance available, and it features a whopping 174k Dislikes compared to 23k Likes.

That’s more salt than all the waters of Bikini Bottom! The NFL is learning a hard lesson right now: Do not, in any circumstances, underestimate fandom.

We’ll let a true fan have the final words…


Artist Confuses Passersby With Playfully Fake Shadows

If you happened to take a stroll in downtown Redwood City, you might notice something a little… off.  But in a good way!  Anyone passing by these peculiar works of art is bound to have a smile grace their lips.

Damon Belanger, an artist hailing from California, was recently commissioned by Redwood City to cover the streets with these delightfully realistic faux shadows.

With a swirl of his brush, otherwise ordinary shadows become something beyond imagination – such as a monkey among the maps, a smiling monster borne from mailboxes and the revelation of robots amongst us.

Are you ready to revel in the fantastical shadows that Belanger has brought to life?  Read on!

Artist at Work

Damon Belanger

If you’re curious about how these works of art came to be, this is a peek at the artist’s work in progress.

Shadowed Splendor

Damon Belanger

…and here is his work, completed.  You have to admit that this adds a certain flair to an otherwise mundane view.

Where Robotic Ants Do Their Dance

Beth Mostovoy

If this doesn’t bring a smile to your face, nothing will!

Monkey Meter Maid

Damon Belanger

Yeah, we’re just as confused as this monkey seems to be.

Mailbox Munch!

Damon Belanger

Here’s yet another view of the painted mailbox shadow that was in progress earlier.

A Bumpy Ride

Damon Belanger

You have to admit that a normal fence shadow isn’t nearly as much fun as this!

A Headless Hello

Damon Belanger

I hear ya, shadow.  Trying to figure out maps sometimes makes me lose my head, too.

Flower Power

Beth Mostovoy

A few pavement pansies will surely help deter bike theft, right?

Here, Kitty Kitty…

Damon Belanger

At least, I think this is a kitty.  I hope it is a kitty!

A Gnarly Ride

Damon Belanger

So, which one was your own personal favorite?  Tell us in the comments below!


Dramatic Photos from the Polar Vortex That Will WOW You!

It isn’t uncommon to hear about extreme weather these days, but recent climate conditions seem to be trying to outdo each other lately.  Move over, hurricanes – the polar vortex is now in town!

In case you haven’t heard, the polar vortex has been wreaking havoc across the midwestern United States.  This kind of event happens when a band of very strong winds that are normally trapped high up in the atmosphere travel further down than usual.

What happens next is what you’ll see in the images below.  You might want to bundle up before continuing.

Polar Vortex Photos That Will Wow You!

Trying to Heat the Car Up


I think it might take a while…

Snow Esplode


I’m not sure what is more amazing.  The way the snow is exploding, or the fact that this guy isn’t wearing a shirt in this kind of weather…

Goin’ Out for a Snowy Spin


…or maybe not.

Hair-raisingly Cold!

Taylor Scallon

I guess that’s one way to do a Marge Simpson impression.

So Cold You’ll Freeze Your Pants Off!



Feeling Thirsty?

Mak Savi

I guess if you’re in the mood for an instant popsicle, you’re golden.

Creeping Indoors


When it’s so cold outside that it even creeps inside.  Yikes!

Under Pressure

David Hildebrand

The only way I can imagine that the ice was revealed is that the porcelain must have exploded off under pressure!  I guess that’s one way to ensure someone doesn’t sit on the toilet for so long.

Like My New Rims?


If you like your tires nice n’ shiny, the polar vortex is for you!

Oodles of Noodles


Frozen noodles, that is.

Frozen Lake Michigan


Amazing.  That is all.

Eggcellently Frozen Eggs


If you were worried about your eggs going bad, mother nature has got you covered.

So Cold You Can Freeze Bubbles!

Biologist Dan

I mean, you’ve got to have SOME fun, right?

Flash Frozen Fire Hydrant


Yeah, the neighborhood kiddos should probably avoid playing in this one.

Dangerously Beautiful


This gal’s eyelashes are on FLEEK!

Firefighters Aren’t Nearly Paid Enough


Especially when it comes to dealing with weather conditions like this!  Which of these was the most impressive of the bunch?  Let us know in the comments below!

Do you have an even better photo?  Contact us and tell us all about it!


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