Artist Confuses Passersby With Playfully Fake Shadows

If you happened to take a stroll in downtown Redwood City, you might notice something a little... off.  But in a good way!  Anyone...

You’ve Been Prescribed a Healthy Dose of Smiles!

Here's the thing about smiling - it is definitely a good way to help cure whatever might be ailing you.  If you'd like to...

Photos Guaranteed to Give You a Case of the Chuckles!

Do you sometimes feel like you're just sitting there waiting for the grass to grow?  Fear not, for we have the ultimate cure for...

Fabulous Finds You Won’t Believe Came from Wallyworld!

Sometimes we’re absolutely stunned to hear the words, “oh, yeah, I got it at Walmart.” While we often tend to think of it as...

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