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Sleepy Mother Doesn’t Hold Back in Poem About Unhelpful Husband

Everyone knows that a newborn babe brings many sleepless nights, and often the mother is the one keeping watch over the baby at that...

Historical Beauty Practices That Will Horrify You – Part I

It’s pretty astonishing – if not terrifying – what some people used to do in the pursuit of beauty and/or perceived affluence. Throughout history,...
Daenerys' Hair

Game of Thrones Has Been Hiding Secrets in Daenery’s Hair

Whether or not you’re a Game of Thrones superfan, chances are you’ve seen plenty of Daenerys Targaryen. The “Mother of Dragons” has inspired many...

Lord of the Rings TV Series Will Start Filming in August

LOTR fans, if you haven't heard about the new Amazon Prime Lord of the Rings tv series that is slated to start filming in...

Accidental Employee Texts That Were Immediately Regretted!

I'm sure we've all had a few embarrassing moments with our employers, but these accidental employee texts below take the cake!  Just imagine how...