The 90210 Gang is Back Together Again in New Reboot

The first promo for BH90210, the anticipated Beverly Hills, 90210 reboot, has dropped on Fox. Are you ready to catch up with original castmates Jason Priestley, Shannen Doherty, Jennie Garth, Tori Spelling, Ian Ziering, Brian Austin Green, and Gabrielle Carteris?

The original teenage drama spent ten seasons on the air from 1990 to 2000, and was one of the definitive shows of the 90’s. There was also already a reboot, 90210, that ran from 2008 to 2013 in which some original cast members made appearances as their original Beverly Hills, 90210 characters.

Not Exactly a Reboot

Even though we all love Brandon and Brenda Walsh, Kelly Taylor, Steve Sanders, Donna Martin, David Silver, and Andrea Zuckerman, this new series isn’t exactly a reboot of the original series. Instead, each actor is starring as themselves. Or rather, “heightened” versions of themselves. They’re going to reunite and decide if they want to do an official revival of 90210. Talk about meta!

The teaser trailer that was released hints at what’s to come in the new BH90210. Each of the actors is starting off their day in different ways, like Doherty meditating, Garth fixing her hair, and Ziering in his convertible. But even though it’s been 20 years since Beverly Hills, 90210, they all just can’t get that iconic theme song out of their heads. (that song was once on Entertainment Weekly’s list of 25 perfect theme songs)

“The Characters Behind the Characters”


“It’s about the characters behind the characters,” Jennie Garth told Entertainment Weekly. “It’s inside the lives of people that lived in those shoes for those 10 years, and it’s about them coming back together.”

Jason Priestley also spoke to Entertainment Weekly, saying, “The prospects of a bunch of fictionalized versions of ourselves trying to get this 90210 reboot off the ground, we’re telling this in a very comical way. I think the opportunity to satirize the situation is something we all found very appealing.”

Minus One Original Cast Member

Unfortunately, the only original main cast member to not appear in BH90210 will be Luke Perry, who tragically passed away in late February after suffering a stroke.

The revival is a chance to pay tribute to Luke Perry, and his absence was not lost on the other members of the cast. The reunion has an even more special meaning now.

“It’s incredibly special, and I think that we all appreciate it more, and appreciate our fellow castmates a little more now,” Jason Priestley said.

The new BH90210 will premiere on Wednesday, August 7th on Fox. I know you can’t hardly wait that long, so here’s the new promo to tide you over:



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