Taylor Swift Shares a Disgusting Personal Hygiene Habit on the Ellen Show

Pop megastar Taylor Swift has the internet divided over her personal hygiene practices.

Taylor Swift
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Swift stopped by The Ellen Show on Thursday to promote her new single, but that’s not all they talked about. She gushed about her new kitten, she answered Ellen’s “Burning Questions,” and they discussed some questionable shower habits, too.

Apparently, the 29-year-old singer doesn’t wash her legs in the shower. Ew? …or eh, whatever?

While some folks on social media were absolutely aghast, plenty of people stand with her in leg-shaving-is-the-same-thing solidarity.

Shaving vs. Scrubbing


It was a simple query regarding Swift washing her legs in the shower. Ellen posed the question: “Did you say you do wash them, or you don’t?”

Weird question, but okay.

“I do,” said Taylor, “because when you shave your legs the shaving cream is like soap, right?”

Ellen didn’t challenge that answer, in fact, she even agreed that it counts.

“Yeah, it is, I think that’s the reason most women wash their legs, because we have to, because we shave our legs,” the TV host said.

And When Not Shaving?

But what about the times when TSwift doesn’t shave?

“Whenever you’re not shaving, you’re not washing, you’re saying…”

Swift responded: “No, I don’t – I don’t think I would say that.”

To which Ellen quickly replied, “well, it seems like – it seems like you did just then.”

Swift, of course, defended herself by explaining that she shaves every day.

“Every day?” asked Ellen.

“Well, I mean yeah,” Swift said, somewhat timidly.

After confirming that answer, Ellen joked, “God, you must be hairy.”

Social Response

Of course, the Twittersphere was instantly buzzing about whether or not Swift’s methods were actually hygienic. And, of course, there were mixed feelings.

“Omg! Why would anyone not wash their legs in the shower,” questioned one Twitter user.

Others were simply surprised by Swift’s shaving habits.

“Girl, what?! Who does that??? That sounds exhausting,” said one.

“The biggest difference between me and Taylor Swift is not that she’s a super talented star,” said another. “It’s that she shaves her legs every day, and I shave my legs like… four times a year.”

So, where do you stand on the debate? Is shaving the same as washing? Is it normal to shave every day? The jury’s still out on both of these things.



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