Police Nab Man Getting Free Cats from Craigslist Only to Dismember Them

Police have arrested a Missouri man who kept using Craigslist to get free cats, only to bring them home to dismember, mutilate and kill them.

Kaine Louzader, 20, was charged on Friday with felony, first-degree animal abuse, and prosecutors say more charges are expected. He is being held on the $50,000 bond.

man kills cats feat

Man Spotted Dumping Dead Cats

Since January, dead cats kept turning up on the same street or near where Louzader lives outside of St. Peters, Missouri.


However, on May 6, someone then spotted Louzader dumping a dead cat near his home and contacted police.

During a police interview, they noticed cuts and scratches on Louzader. A search turned up three mutilated kittens and a dead cat. Police say that he has admitted to dismembering the animals.

Louzader would meet people on Craigslist who were selling or giving away kittens or an adult cat, prosecutors allege, and then he would take them to his home and mutilate them.

When it Becomes a Felony

“It becomes a felony if the animal was mutilated prior to death, so that is something we’re going to have to look at and make sure that in fact we can prove the animals were mutilated before they died,” St. Charles Prosecuting Attorney Tim Lohmar said

“We’ve had several incidents over the years people involved in violent crimes, lo and behold in their background some animal mutilation,” Lohmar said. “So it’s a scary situation.”

Lohmar added that if someone is capable of torching and mutilating animals, he believes that person could be capable of a whole lot worse.



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