Man Took a $2m Ferrari on a Test Drive… It Didn’t Go as the Dealer Expected

A man posing as a car collector made off with a $2.2 million Ferrari while taking it for a test drive.

After taking the 1985 Ferrari 288 GTO for a spin, the driver and seller returned to the dealership. But as soon as the dealer stepped out of the car, the suspect hit the gas and disappeared.

Dusseldorf Police

Soon after, the rare car was found in a garage just outside of Düsseldorf, Germany, where the crime took place.

Suspect Still At Large

While the car was recovered, the thief is still on the lamb.


According to the seller, the suspect and dealership had exchanged several calls and emails about the vehicle in the weeks prior. The car wasn’t publically listed for sale, and thus was only known about by serious collectors.

That, in turn, made it incredibly easy to identify—only 272 of the famous Ferrari model were ever built.



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