Ban it Like Beckham? Soccer Star Banned from Driving for This Unsafe Practice

Even though he’s long since retired from soccer, David Beckham received a proverbial red card on Thursday.

david beckham banned from driving feat

Becks pleaded guilty to using his phone while driving at a court in Bromley, England. In addition to about $1200 worth of fines, the 44-year old received six points on his license, banning him from the road for six months.

The former England national team captain was photographed on November 21st looking down at his phone while driving in slow traffic. According to his lawyer, he has no recollection of this particular day.

Not His First Foul


Beckham already had six points on his license due to previous speeding offenses. In September, he was clocked doing 59MPH in a 40MPH zone but dodged yet another speeding charge on a technicality.

In the UK, holding a phone while driving is a punishable offense, even in slow traffic. The typical punishment is six points on your license and a fine of around $260, though these can increase for more serious offenses.



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