You Won’t Believe What Tiger Woods Did After Winning the Masters

I’m sure you’ve heard the news by now.  Tiger Woods won!  He really won, and this is significant because it has been 13 years since he last won the Masters.  This makes his fifth win, and he won by a single shot, in a final round that had been pushed up so that it could be completed before a storm touched down.

Thing is, there’s a good reason why there were 13 years in between, and we’ll tell you all about it.  We’ll also let you know about what Tiger said after he won.


Why Hasn’t Tiger Woods Won in 13 Years?

The last victory that Tiger Woods had was back in 2005, during the America’s Holy See of Golf.  He went from being in 1st place, to number 1,199.  During that time, he suffered through four back surgeries, accompanied by thousands of hours of physical rehabilitation.

He also suffered public humiliation, a divorce, a DUI arrest, and had to endure a substance abuse treatment.

After Tiger Woods Won


When Tiger won the big event, the first thing he did was hug his son, Charlie.  Charlie wasn’t even born yet during Tiger’s last win – when he won a major with his 2008 US Open championship at Torrey Pines.

His son wasn’t the only one there to greet him after his win.  Tom Brady was there to give him his congratulations, and so was Michael Phelps.  There was even a prepared statement from Jack Nicklaus.

What Tiger Woods Had to Say About It

Upon winning, Tiger Woods said, “I’m a little hoarse, I think, from yelling.  I was trying to plod my way around the golf course all day.  Then all of a sudden I had the lead and then just coming up 18, trying to make a five – but I tapped the putt in.

I didn’t know what I hit.  But I know I screamed and I was just looking for Joey (LaCava) somewhere.”

A Special Thanks

A few hours after winning, Woods offered his thanks to his family, friends and fans on social media:

He said, “I can’t thank my family, friends and fans enough for their support.  Having my family by my side today is something I will never forget.  To not only be able to play again, but to be able to win again, is something I will forever be grateful for.  This jacket sure is comfortable.”

No, Tiger – thank you.



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