You Are Happier Living Alone If You Have Any of These Traits

While the majority of the population obviously thrives on being close-knit and spending time together, there are those that were destined to be happier living alone.  It doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy the company of other people – but they simply prefer a little less of it.  Or maybe a lot less of it.

If you have any of the personality traits mentioned below, you’re most likely one of those that enjoy life much more fully when you don’t have other people getting in the way.


You Care About Personal Boundaries

Not just personal boundaries for yourself, but for others as well.  You’re very aware of what should be okay, and what isn’t.  You don’t get along very well with those who don’t respect boundaries, as you find it very offensive.

You Are Open-Minded


Another trait of those that prefer to live alone is that you are open-minded.  Being open-minded allows you to respect boundaries, as mentioned above – and you have less tolerance for those who are more rigid and closed-minded.

You Dislike Drama

Unfortunately, a lot of close-knit families and friendships with large groups of people come with a lot of baggage and drama.  Who has time for that?  Because you dislike gossip and petty drama, you tend to avoid those who produce it.

Instead, you prefer to be around those whose lives don’t revolve around gossip, and you’d rather have intense one-on-one conversations instead about more important matters.

You Are Empathetic

This is another trait that goes well with the ones we’ve already mentioned above.  You are empathetic and care about those around you – so you don’t like to hear people being gossiped about.  You don’t like those who can’t respect boundaries and those who can’t have an open mind towards those who are less fortunate.

You Love Yourself

This is probably the most important trait of those who prefer to live alone.  You simply know and love yourself enough not to settle for less than you deserve, or can tolerate.  You’re able to make yourself happy and are willing to not compromise what is most important to you, and those closest to you.

You recognize that time is valuable.  You don’t waste what little time you have on things that don’t matter in the long run.  Instead, you focus on what really matters in life.

You Are Okay With Living Alone

Yep, that’s the crux of this entire article.  You are simply happiest living alone, or living with those who can truly understand you.  Being happy living alone doesn’t mean you have no family and no friends.  You simply don’t need all of the silly ruckus, and have a deeper understanding of life in general.



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