Somebody Asked Twitter About Defining Wealth as a Child & The Answers are So Genuine

Recently, makeup artist and influencer Samantha Ravndahl, otherwise known as SsssamanthaaMUA, posed an interesting question about wealth to the Twitterverse.

Wikipedia / SsssamanthaaMUA via Twitter

“What was the pinnacle of wealth to you as a child?” she asked, following up with her own answer.

She said, “mine was chrome spinner rims,” adding, “I thought they were only for billionaires.”

Many of the responses she got in response to her initial question are absolutely too real though. We suspect these will likely resonate with a lot of folks. Some of them certainly did for us.

How Different People Define Wealth

Frequent Lunchables

Alisa_Aydin via Twitter

Wait, EVERY Day?! That’s downright unheard of. Who else had to beg for the occasional Lunchable? (And who now wonders in adulthood why we were so obsessed with them?)

Vacationing… On a Plane

lustrelux via Twitter

Even more opulent were the families who took their kids on trips to Disney World. (Also, road trip kids, raise your hands.)

Fancypants Desserts

shesaidso via Twitter

For real though, now that we’re all adults here, Viennetta seriously needs to make a comeback so we can all enjoy it.

The Drink Fridge

velvetbuzzkill via Twitter

Ah yes, the garage (or carport) fridge. Folks got bonus rich points if it was chock full of name brand sodas.

An Epic Pantry

sydneybaize via Twitter

We still remember being in awe of that one kid’s parents’ pantry. It was like they’d stockpiled for the apocalypse, but all the rations came from the kids’ snacks and cereal aisles.

Eating Out & Cable

BlytheHarlan via Twitter

Eating out when it’s not a special occasion? Who even does that? Also, yeah, if you had Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel, well, you were richer than we were.

Ice Cream Money

j_e_s_s_l_c_a via Twitter

Of course, by the time we managed to scrounge together all our change, we’d already missed our chance.

Scholastic Books

_aja_bri via Twitter

This tweet is the absolute truth. Who else felt like a million bucks after those orders got filled? (And who else was super jealous of the kid that got all the fancy, expensive books with stickers and stuff?)

Kitchen Islands

jholmie89via Twitter

It seems silly now, but we honestly can’t remember anyone with a kitchen island that didn’t seem rich.

TWO Consoles?!

katienolan via Twitter

Woah there… that absolutely still is the pinnacle of wealth.



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