Netflix “Our Planet” is So Upsetting that they Tell Animal Lovers Which Parts to Skip

Folk who love animal documentaries are not new to the fact that they can be upsetting at times, but “Our Planet” on Netflix takes things to extremes.  This nature documentary has moments that has literally left people in tears, because certain scenes are so distressing.

If you’d like to watch the eight part series yourself, scroll down to see which episodes to be on the lookout for, and timestamps for when the most alarming scenes make an appearance.

Netflix | Our Planet

The Lowdown on Why Netflix is Warning Animal Lovers

This new Netflix animal documentary series aired earlier this month without any sort of warning, and it caught many animal lovers by surprise. They were so distressed by what they watched that they went on social media to air their displeasure.

Here are the details:

  • The documentary premiered in early April, as an eight part series that was filmed throughout 50 countries, within four years.
  • It documents how climate change affects animals in their nature habitats.
  • On Wednesday, Netflix issues the warning that is shown below.
  • The scenes include things such as a walrus tumbling to it’s death from the edge of a cliff, and a baby flamingo that gets left behind by its flock, because its legs are encased in thick salt.

One upset viewer tweeted about the walrus scene, “Literally full on sobbed to the walrus moment.  This whole docuseries is so heartbreaking.  #OurPlanet I wish as humans we can do more.”

Another viewer said, “I can confirm.  Watching walrus’ fall to their death from cliffs is probs the saddest thing of my years so far, wow, I am honestly scarred.”

Netflix Warning on Twitter

If you plan to watch the Our Planet series yourself on Netflix, here’s what you need to know:



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