6 April Fool’s Day Pranks to Play On Your Friends That Are Fun, Free and Easy!

April Fool’s Day is here, and it’ll be a shame if you don’t try to prank at least one person.  I’ve already got a bowl of frozen cereal sitting in my freezer as I type this, to give to my son this morning before school.

There are a million easy, free ways to get a laugh out of someone without having to go overboard or spend unnecessary cash.  Some of the very best things in life are free, you know.  Here are a few of our favorite April Fool’s Day prank ideas:


Sneaky Sneezer

All you need for this prank are freshly wet hands or a mister bottle.  Walk up behind your victim and sneeze – then spray the bottle or shake your hands towards the back of their neck.  Mission accomplished!

Push, Not Pull


You’ll need to prepare ahead for this one.  Make a little sign that says “Push”, and tape it to a door.  This can even be a door at a local coffee shop.  Sit back and watch the hilarious results while enjoying a fresh cuppa.

Simply Mousy

This one is ridiculously easy and simple.  Just place a piece of tape across the bottom of someone’s optical mouse sensor.  This is a GREAT one for the office!  Especially if the person you’re pranking happens to sit near you.

Phony Set-Up

Ask to borrow your friend’s phone, telling them that you’re interested in getting the same model.  While you have it, go into the settings and install a little chaos.  Do things like setting an alarm for 2 am in the morning, or even better – change how certain common phrases will show up when they’re texting someone!

It is very simple to do this.  Just go into:  Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement


You can then change how the phone will relay certain phrases – or you can purposely misspell things so it appears that your friend lacks in intelligence, such as changing “too” to “two” and “their” to “there”.

April Fool’s at The Office

We’ve already covered the quick mouse prank, but here’s another even quicker April Fool’s Day prank you can try!  If one of your co-workers leaves to get a coffee, scamper over to their desk and quickly press ctr+alt+down arrow.

This will cause their display to show up as upside down.  When they get upset and can’t figure out how to change it back, they’ll be forced to call IT.  Actually, you should wait until quite a few of your coworkers leave at once for coffee, and do this en masse.  They’ll thank you later.  Eventually.  Maybe.

Plastic Wrap Is Your Friend

Oh, plastic wrap…  how we love thee on April Fool’s Day!  This is another simple prank you can play on someone who leaves their desk for a moment, and happens to leave an innocent bottle behind.

Grab your handy dandy plastic wrap, and cover the opening.  When they try to drink again, laugh to your heart’s content!

There is also the time-old wrapping up a toilet seat in plastic wrap, but we recommend doing this at someone else’s house.  That way you won’t be responsible for any clean-up.  Sounds like a win-win to me!

We hope these simple and free April Fool’s Day prank ideas will come in handy today, and we’d love to hear if any of them worked out.  Happy April Fool’s Day!



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