April Fool’s Day Pranks That Turned Out to Be For Real

Out of all of the zany events that can happen on April Fool’s Day – what happens when some of the most terribly shocking stories end up actually being true?

That’s what happened in comments mentioned below, when Reddit users were asked, “What real and serious story/event did you believe was a prank (because it’s April 1st)?”

April Fool’s Pranks That Turned Out to Be Real

April Fool’s Pranks Were Actually Real

Hospital Hyjinks 

“When I was 22, I had dropped a mayo jar and jumped hoping to avoid the glass shards, but I landed right on the glass and ended up at the ER with stitches. Fast forward a week and my legs hurt so d*mn bad that when I went to my PCP to have my stitches removed I decided to tell her how much pain I was in. She took one look at my leg and sent me to the ER.

My husband had to call my Mom on April Fool’s Day to tell her I was being admitted to the hospital with a life-threatening DVT and that I would be hospitalized for at least a week. My mom, of course, didn’t believe him since I was 22, an athlete and very active. She kept telling him that his prank was dumb.


My doctor had to call my mom to get her to believe the situation lol”

– Sapphiretulip32 | Reddit User

Happy Birthday!

“My friend is born on April 1st. He was telling me that when his mom’s water broke, his dad didn’t actually believe her and thought she just spilt water on the ground.”

– A_GuyThatDoesStuff | Reddit User

Let’s Break Up.  No, Really

“My long term girlfriend broke up with me on April Fool’s day.

Not only did I initially think it was a joke, but then all my friends thought it was a joke and I went a full week+ of nobody being supportive because they all thought I committed hard to the bit.”

– Badloss | Reddit User

That Got Their Attention

“I was serving on my condo’s board as president, as the last president had resigned due to the dysfunctional nature of the board. I managed to get to 18 months and decided I’d had enough. The real estate market in my area was good, so I arranged to have my property listed for sale, starting on April 1st.

I sent out a message to the board at 9 am on April Fool’s day, telling them I’d listed my suite for sale. Nobody replied, either because they’re oblivious, or they thought it was a joke. I sent another message 10 days later, saying it was sold. THEN they were paying attention. :)”

– TemporaryBoyfriend | Reddit User



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