2000 Year Old Corpse Still Has Blood and Hair, and Other Unexplained Historical Mysteries

History is certainly full of mysteries, but some of the stories below simply sound too amazing to be true… but they actually are.  From amazingly human thoughts from a gorilla, to a 2000 year old body that still has blood in its veins, prepare to be shocked!

Amazing Historical Mysteries


Xin Zui, 2000 Year Old Corpse that Still Has Hair

The 2000 year old corpse of Xin Zui is remarkable in the fact that it still has hair and eyelashes, and blood was found in her veins. Type A, in fact!  Scientists even found melon seeds in her stomach, which led them to believe she died shortly after consuming the melon.

To this day, scientists still haven’t been able to determine what kind of liquid was used to help preserve her body so very well.  All they were able to determine is that it had some magnesium in it, and it was slightly acidic.

Koko the Gorilla, On Where Animals Go When They Die

Everyone knows about Koko, the gorilla who loved her kitten – but not a lot of people know about something really amazing that she once “said”, in sign language. Her trainer, Francine Patterson, when asked how deep her conversations would go with Koko, said:


“It started early on with a conversation Koko had with one of her caregivers about death.  The caregiver showed Koko a skeleton and asked, ‘is this alive or dead?’.  Koko signed, “Dead, draped. Draped means covered up.”

The caregiver then asked Koko, “where do animals go when they die?”

Koko said, “a comfortable hole”, and then blew a kiss goodbye.

After Severe Concussion, Man Becomes Musical Genius

Even though he hadn’t practiced music a day in his life, Derek Amato, after experiencing a severe concussion thanks to hitting his head on the bottom of a pool – suddenly became a musical genius.  His sudden talent is known as ‘acquired musical savant syndrome.’

About how his new musical ability works, Derek says, “As I shut my eyes, I found these black and white structures moving left to right, which in fact would represent in my mind, a fluid and continuous stream of musical notation”.



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