You’re Going to Relate Hard to These Retail Tweets

If you’ve ever worked in retail before, you’re sure to have encountered most if not all of the moments below that have been reflected in these retail tweets.


Retail Tweets You’ll Definitely Relate To

Awkward Personal Moments

“Working in retail was wild, people just tell you things about their personal life and you just stand there…  not knowing how to respond to ‘I’m going to a funeral’ or ‘I’m getting a divorce’.  Like, that sucks… $13.48 is your total.

– @Utterly_Black

Can I Help You?


“Retail is 90% showing a customer how to swipe or insert their cards.” – @andrew_baulch

Sorry, Not Sorry

“Said ‘Sorry for the wait” to a customer today and she turned around and said ‘no you’re not.’ You know what, you’re right.

– @Stephfrancex

I Guess It’s Free!

*Item won’t scan*

Customer:  I guess it’s free then, haha!

My mind: GUesS iTz fr3E tH3N Ha!!hA!! haAhH!

– @ellyellyelly_

Can You Look in the Back?

Me:  Sorry, we don’t have this in stock.

Customer:  Can you look in the back?

Me:  *walks to the back, stands and stares at a wall.*

Me:  Sorry, we don’t.

– @RetailJobLife

I Know It’s Not Your Fault

“Why do customers give you actual verbal abuse for ten minutes straight and then go ‘I know it’s not you, it’s not your fault.’  Yeah, I know it’s not.”

– @Annanevinx

Not My Manager

“There’s definitely nothing worse than a work colleague who thinks they’re a manager.  LMAOOOO!”

– @ecwxxxx

Don’t Listen to Brenda

“Dear Customer, just because it’s on our website doesn’t mean we stock it in store.  Also, just because your friend Brenda said we stock it, doesn’t mean we do.  Brenda lies.”

– @VodkaPrinc3ss

I Need to Talk to Your Manager

“Can I speak to your manager?” “First of all, they’re going to say the same exact thing I just told you and then we’ll talk crap about you later.”

– @DonCapra



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