Wacky Conspiracy Theories That People Actually Believe

From flat earthers, to the fake moon landing and the Illuminati – there are so many conspiracy theories out there, and there are always plenty of people who are more than willing to feed into them.  We’ve compiled a few of our very favorites below.


Surely you know of Stonehenge, but do you know how it was created?  Well, no one else does either!  Considering that the stones weigh a good 50 tons, it seems incredible that people way back when were able to devise a method to move the stones so carefully in place.

Conspiracy theorists believe that the people were given the knowledge needed to make it happen by aliens.

The Moon Isn’t Real

Considering you can simply look up into the night sky to see proof of the moon, and the fact that we’re obviously standing on a planet ourselves that is located in outer space – there are those that believe the moon isn’t real at all.


Instead, they believe that it is actually a hologram and there are videos that have been uploaded online that try to prove this.

Obama Can Control the Weather

This one is fun!  Apparently, it was believed that Barack Obama used the High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program to create Hurricane Sandy and that all of the tragic events that incurred were engineered by him.

Paul Is Dead

Back in 1969, there was a rumor that went around that famous Beatles’ singer and guitarist, passed away.  It is believed that a look-a-like took his place in an effort to not ruin the band.

McCartney later made fun of this conspiracy theory in 1993, when he released a live album called, “Paul is Live.”

Chemicals in Water Makes People Turn Gay

You can thank Alex Jones, a radio host famous for conspiracy theories, for this one.  He claims that the government is placing chemicals in water that is able to make you turn gay.  He dubbed the chemical “gay bomb”, and says that this chemical has even made frogs turn gay.



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