Much Noms, Very Wow – This Japanese Sweet Potato Stand is Run by a Dog

If you want to see something absolutely adorable, we’re about to make your day. This here is Ken-kun, the friendly Shiba Inu that runs a little Japanese sweet potato stall in Hokkaido’s Sapporo City.

doge at potato stand

Here, Ken-kun sells baked sweet potatoes known as yaki-imo. The 3-year-old Shiba can’t count money, but he does keep watch over things and kindly greets customers.

We’ve heard of seeing eye dogs and drug-sniffing dogs, but this is the first we’ve seen of a japanese sweet potato salesdog.

Japanese Sweet Potatoe Stand, Open for Business!

doge at potato stand

Who wouldn’t buy a snack from this sweet doggo?


The sweet potato stall is covered in fun, colorful signage that explains everything. For instance, one reads: “Because I am a dog, I can’t give you change.” Of course, tips are always appreciated since they go towards treats for this precious pup.


For those wanting to purchase a potato, they simply take one from the box and leave 100 yen. (That’s just a bit under $1 USD.)

potato box

Friendly Greetings

Shiba Attendant

When someone approaches the stand, Ken-kun pops up to say hello and watches over the transaction. Of course, people are on the honor system here. He’s not going to chase someone down for stiffing the stand. But who would dare cheat this cute pupper anyway?

Ken-kun at Work

doge at potato stand

Here’s a quick video of Ken-kun running the stand, a link to which is even included in the shop’s signage.

Isn’t that just the most adorable thing ever?


sweet potato

In autumn and winter, these baked sweet potatoes are a common cold weather street food in Japan. It’s somewhat like how the U.K. has little roasted chestnut stands in the winter.

They’re commonly sold by vendors known as yaki imo ya san, though they can be found in other various places. Of course, we can’t think of anywhere we’d rather purchase one than from Ken-kun.

All in all, they’re a wonderful, warm treat to enjoy when the weather is chilly.



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