If You Do These Things, You May As Well Have “American” Plastered On Your Forehead

In case you didn’t realize it, Americans really stand out when they’re traveling abroad to other countries.  American things that might come naturally to you just aren’t at all natural in other places around the world, which the comments below surely prove!


People on Reddit were asked, “What is something you didn’t realize was typically American until you went abroad,” and the replies were really eye-opening.  If you plan to travel abroad soon, and you’re an American – you might want to read this.

Things You Do That Scream American

You’re Fat



“How fat we are. Like, I know we are when compared to the rest of the world. But it made me realize what I think is fat in the US, is grossly obese in Europe. And what’s not-fit, but not-fat in the US, is fat is Europe.

There are some hamhogs over there but my god, returning home was an eye opener.

At least we don’t smoke as much, I guess.”

– Reddit | Shlittle

Taxes Schmaxes


“The prices abroad don’t add tax after the fact. You pay what the price shows. No need to figure the tax. Dumb that we do that here.”

– Reddit | ChicagoTrader71

You’re Effing Loud


“The stereotype about us being loud is true. I never thought of myself as being loud until I went abroad and would hang up the phone after speaking in what I thought was appropriate volume to find everyone around me was staring at me, and realized how much more quiet they were lol whoops”

– Reddit | ProfanePly

…and Overly Friendly


“Being “friendly” to an extent. I checked in at a hostel and walked into the lounge area where people from all over the world were just chilling. I kinda introduced myself to the whole room, and someone goes, “you’re from the states, yeah?”

And I’m like, “yeah howd you know?” They said, “only an American will walk into a room of strangers and introduce themselves to everybody.”

– Reddit | dude_with_amnesia

American Cups


“Red plastic cups for parties. So much so that people outside US use them as a accessory to American themed parties.”

– Reddit | thiswasagutpunch

Cool American


“Ranch flavor Doritos in the Netherlands are called “Cool American” flavor.”

– Reddit | Totally_a_Banana

This is Horrifying


We saved the best… well, worst one for last.  This is just sad beyond belief:

“At a buffet in Germany, I had to pay for ketchup.”

– Reddit \ doublex12

Paying for KETCHUP!  Could you imagine?



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