Humans With Incredibly Rare and Freaky Genetics

There’s something unique about all of us, but some of us are born with physical traits that the vast majority of people simply can’t compare to.  The people in the photos below are just a little more unique than others thanks to their freaky genetics, in the most incredible ways.

From matching birthmarks to missing extremities, you’re not going to believe that some of these are actually for real.

Incredibly Real and Freaky Genetics

Waardenburg Syndrome

Reddit | Cohacq

This guy has Waardenburg syndrome, which can cause hearing loss and can affect the coloration of your hair and skin.  It happens to about 1 in 42,000 people.  In this case, it turned his eyes different colors, he is unable to hear in one ear, and portions of his hair are white.

Thumbs Up from This Guy and His Parents

Reddit | ChewyPickle

It isn’t uncommon to share a physical trait with one of your parents, but this case takes it to extremes!  Not only does he share a thumb with his mother, but he also seems to have inherited his father’s thumb as well.


Reddit | evan4765

Try saying the name of this condition three times fast!  This is a hand malformation that occurs when the hands fail to develop properly while in the womb.  In this case, the guy has an index finger instead of a thumb, resulting in four fingers total on his left hand.

Don’t Make This Guy Angry

Reddit | the_cozy_one

Having more than five fingers on each hand is called polydactyly, and it can run in families.  It gives this guy the amazing ability to flip people off with two fingers instead of one!  His son also has twelve fingers and twelve toes.

Scarry Eye

Reddit | Spikenws

Yes, I do mean scarry, although it can appear to be a bit scary to those who didn’t expect to see an eye like this.  This condition is caused by macular pucker, when the vitreous of the eye is pulled away from the retina.

Matching Hair Birthmarks

Reddit | Ashley666

Most children resemble their parents, but there would never be any mistaking which daughter belongs to this mother!  This is the result of poliosis, which is an absence of melanin.  In case it wasn’t obvious, this condition can be inherited.

Elf Ears

Reddit | animaorion

This deformity is known as Stahl’s Ear, and happens as a result of misshapen cartilage.  Many parents opt to have this repaired when the child is still a baby, though I admit I think it is really cute and I’m kind of jealous.

Missing Fingernail

Reddit | nofapventure

Some people are born missing a few or all of their fingernails as the result of anonychia congenita.  This condition doesn’t affect people in any other way.

Freckles Here, There, But Not Everywhere

Reddit | notsosecrett

Most people have a fairly random smattering of freckles, but there are those, like this guy – who has a very rare freckle pattern.  While one side of his face is covered, the other side has none at all.  This is a very specific type of birthmark that develops as a result of mutation while the person is still an embryo.

Isn’t it crazy what freaky genetics can do?



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