Historical Photos That Look Innocent Until You Know the Story Behind Them

When you look back in history, it is really amazing what our country has gone through, and what our ancestors had to face.  The historical Photos below make it very clear that we have a lot to be thankful for nowadays.

If you’d like to feel a little better about what you’ve got, read on and discover the incredible stories behind these spectacular photos.

Historical Photos with Amazing Stories Behind Them

“Daddy, Wait for Me!”


This photo dictates the father of this boy leaving to fight during World War II, and was captured by Vancouver photographer, Claude Detloff.  The good news is that this boy’s father returned home safely.

Five Year Old Gives Birth



This is one of the saddest photos in this collection.  Lina Medina at just five years old, gave birth to a baby boy by cesarean on May 14, 1939.  The father of the baby is a mystery.

Tadeusz Zytkiewicz


Ytkiewicz was the very first doctor to perform open heart surgery, successfully.  Here he holds a photo of his younger self from that moment.

You can see one of the other doctors asleep in the corner, which isn’t surprising considering that the surgery took 23 hours to complete.

Moving a Building


What you see here is a 7600-ton apartment building being relocated to a distance of 180 feet from its original location.  It took about six hours to complete.

Different Paths in Life


The men depicted here were childhood friends, who found themselves on opposite sides of the fence.  One is a Joint Francais worker who went on strike, and his friend is a French riot policeman.

Domestic Abuse


Photographer Donna Ferrato caught this moment while on set of a photo project she was working on that involved swingers.  She was a vital force in getting the Violence Against Women Act passed by Congress back in 1994.

Cher Ami, the Pigeon


This little bird helped save the life of almost 200 men during World War I.  A battalion of soldiers were trapped, and they sent “Cher Ami” off with a message in hopes that they could be rescued.

The bird lost both an eye and a leg, as a result, because she was shot at multiple times during her flight.

Calm Before the Storm


This photo from 1975 amazingly caught the moment seconds before these two brothers were struck by lightning.

One of the brothers stated, “At the time, we thought this was humorous.  I took a photo of Mary (the photographer) and Mary took a photo of Sean and Me.  I raised my right hand into the air and the ring I had on began to buzz so loudly that everyone could hear it.

I found myself on the ground with the others.  Sean was collapsed and huddled on his knees.  Smoke was pouring from his back.”

Everyone was very lucky that they survived, although the younger brother unfortunately took his life later on in 1989.

We hope you enjoyed these historical Photos!



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