Genius Ideas That You’ll Wish You Thought Of First

I’ve gotta say…  some of the inventions below should have been invented a LONG time ago, and shouldn’t be so uncommon.  Scroll down to see what I mean.  I’m especially fond of the third idea on this list!

It’s funny how sometimes the most simple of ideas can have the potential to achieve the greatest of results.

I Know Some People Who Desperately Need This

Reddit | Krzyygamin

If only lines like these could be painted in non-garage scenarios also.  Then there would be NO excuse for parking too close to, or even over the lines at times.

Extra Time For Elderly To Cross the Street

Reddit | NickyNek

This seems like a no-brainer.  Sometimes it can be hard to cross a busy street within a certain time limit, especially if you’re older.  With this setup, seniors can tap their senior citizen card to be given a little extra time to get across.

This Would Be My Dream Come True!

Reddit | Noideawhatsupp

I would seriously love this.  You know how when you’re out shopping, and you get asked every other step if you could use some help?  This is the perfect way to send a clear signal that you’re perfectly capable of shopping unassisted.

A Little Help to Escape Bad or Suspicious Dates

Foursquare | Rachel Geng

I imagine Angela could be the best friend ever for any gal who steps out in the dating world.  It can be a scary place, and having a little extra security is always a plus.

Urinal Sinks – Best Invention Ever

Reddit | Wilbo Baggins YW

Seriously.  This is the ultimate in wash n’ go services, and it leaves absolutely no excuse for not washing your hands after touching yourself.  I’m looking at you, guys.

Toilet With Foot Flusher

Reddit | BradleyC5922

YES.  Why doesn’t every toilet already have this?  Shouldn’t it be common sense to have a foot flusher instead of using your hand, or having to try flushing the hand lever with your foot?

A Secure Place to Leave Your Dog While Entering a Store

Reddit | Flixen01

I’ve sure some of you have been in this situation.  You want to make a quick run in a store, but you don’t want to leave your dog alone, or in your car.  This is a way to ensure your dog stays safe, in an appropriate temperature.

A Safe Escape

Reddit | Theryanfight

This should absolutely be in every bathroom, in every public location.

A Means To See True Beauty

Reddit | Aegist1

It reads; “This viewer is outfitted by the state of Tennessee with innovative EnChroma lenses designed to alleviate red-green colorblindness.

Our hope is that those who have never fully seen the true colorful beauty of Tennessee may experience it here for the first time, and many more times in the future.”

Genius Way for Stores to Get Rid of Old Bananas!

Reddit | Wholesomeswisscheese

What a smart way to help ensure that bananas don’t go wasted.  That said, I’ve wasted many a banana that I kept telling myself I would turn into marvelous banana bread.

3-D Printed Leg Brace

Reddit | Xcentriloquist

You’ve got to admit that this makes so much more sense than the usual enclosed leg braces and casts we’re used to.  Using a 3-D printed brace means that you can shower and also have a way to relieve any hard-to-reach itches!



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