Dumbest Things People Have Ever Gotten Punished For at School

Last week on Reddit, user Southsidevixen asked the question, “What are some of the dumbest things you got punished for in school?” The replies were interesting, to say the least!

We’ve compiled a few of our favorite dumbest things below.


No Hugs Allowed Under Any Circumstances

“One time my best friend at the time and I (both female) exchanged a hug at recess because we were in different classes.


One of my teachers sent us “to the wall” where we had to stand for 30 minutes alone, because she claimed by hugging we were trying to turn on our male friends. We were in grade 6.”

– baggeller

No Farting Allowed Either

“Parent got called in because I farted in class”

–  BackInBagEnd

People Also Aren’t Allowed to Fall On You

“Some guy pushed his friend down the stairs in Elementary and said guy landed on me, got detention for missing an important lesson while I was out cold in the infirmary.

I got a lollipop as an apology for the detention after it was explained though. A BIG lollipop.”

–  FantastiaMachine

…Or Do Your Homework Early

“In 6th grade the teacher ripped up my assignment in front of the class and gave me detention because I didn’t wait until I was home to do my “homework.””

– Kolbin8tor

Just Eff It

“Had a similar exchange with a teacher in 8th grade; not sure what it is with 8th grade teachers? I used frickin’ instead of freaking but I was scolded for using a substitute. There was back and forth consisting of me saying it’s not as bad and her saying that it was just as bad.

I pointed out if it’s just as bad, I might as well just use the F-word. She immediately said that would be worse to which I pointed back to our previous exchange. She laid off after that.”

– UnwieldyChair

The Teacher Is Right

“Trying to go to the library during lunch.

They said I needed a hall pass. Fine, I went and got one. Then they were upset because the hall pass didn’t have an “end” time on it, but the teacher who gave me the pass was the same class I’d return to after lunch (it was a split period class)

…and when I tried to show them my schedule to prove that they sent me to the principal’s office for “insubordination”. I just wanted to do some research for a paper!

Joke’s on them, that teacher ended up just giving me several pre-signed passes because in his words “that is just really dumb”.”

– InannasPocket



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