Accidental Employee Texts That Were Immediately Regretted!

I’m sure we’ve all had a few embarrassing moments with our employers, but these accidental employee texts below take the cake!  Just imagine how some of these people must have felt when showing up for their final paycheck.

Some of these texts are simply funny, but others…  yikes.  There’s definitely no coming back to the job for some of these folk!  Read on to see what I mean.

Accidental Employee Texts They Wish They Could Take Back

Twitter: SznVibes

That’s a big oops! Granted, I kind of feel sorry for her not knowing that this message initially came from her boss.

Wrong Shannon

Twitter: LaurenGrissom2

She’s very lucky to have such an understanding boss!  An understanding boss named Sharon.

Not Supposed to See This

Twitter: VinnieTrombley

I’m going to wager that Ernie isn’t going to be happy about that text either!

It’s Never a Good Idea to Tell Your Boss You’re Going to Quit

Twitter: surfacesmile

Yeah, I’m sure you will have to find a new job since I don’t think most employers take kindly to being called annoying and gross.  Or that you hate working for them.


Twitter: onlyavgel

I hope they have psychological help covered under her workplace insurance plan.  At least I guess she can use the same reaction to her friends when she explains what happened.

Don’t Make Your Boss Wait

Twitter: rosewhatever_

I guess that’s one way to tell him you don’t want to go back!  The least she could have done is to be honest and reply to her boss that, you know… she just didn’t want to go back.

Are You Joking?

Twitter: liiiz14

She might be joking, but I don’t think her boss is laughing!  It’s never really a good idea to send a drunken selfie to your employer.  It doesn’t exactly scream “responsible”.



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