7 Strange Facts That You’d Never Expect to Be Real

There are a lot of facts in life that make sense for the most part, but the strange facts listed below sound a little too crazy to actually be true.  From pizza to playing cards, you aren’t going to believe some of these!


Strange Facts That Sound Too Crazy to Be For Real!

Lighters Existed Before Matches

Although common sense might dictate that a match was the first to be invented, the truth is that lighters were in fact created first.

7% of All Life That Has Ever Existed, is Currently Existing

The existence of life might seem pretty infinite, but the truth is that there have been about 108 billion people living on Earth so far throughout history, and 7 billion of those are living at this very moment.

Pizza Schmizza


Let’s say that you were to order an 18-inch pizza or two 12-inch pizzas.  Which do you think would be larger?  If you guessed the two 12-inch pizzas, you’d be incorrect.

Peanuts are Not Nuts

Contrary to the name and the fact that they’re sold everywhere in the “nut” section, peanuts are not actually nuts.  Instead, they belong to the bean and lentils family – known as legumes.

You Can Eat Million Year Old Honey

Honey is one of the few edible things on Earth that never spoils, thanks to being composed of a chemical composition that doesn’t allow other organisms to live inside.  Vinegar is another food that doesn’t spoil, thanks to its ability to self-preserve.

500-Year-Old Sharks

Speaking of things that last longer than you’d expect, the Greenland shark is able to live for 272 years on average, with some even reaching the ripe old age of 500!

Atomic Cards

Think of how many atoms might exist on Earth…  must be a lot, right?  However, a regular deck of playing cards can be sorted in more ways than that amount of atoms.  The exact computation is that a 52 card deck can be sorted 8×10^67 ways.



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