Ariana Grande Blasts Angry Tweets After Cardi B Grammy Win

If you haven’t heard, Ariana Grande didn’t take Cardi B’s Grammy win very well, but not for the reasons you might expect.  As a result, she took her frustration out on Twitter with a string of angry tweets that clearly showed she wasn’t happy.


Ariana Grande Tweets During Grammy

Grande did not attend the show herself because of recent differences with the producers over the song choice she was supposed to sing, but she did watch the Grammys and live-tweeted throughout the telecast.  When the best rap album category winner was announced, she made her thoughts clearly known by tweeting, “f—“, followed by “trash”, and then “Literal bull—-.”

Though it sounded like she was upset over Cardi B, her reaction was actually out of pure devastation that her late ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller, didn’t win the award after his grieving parents had been invited to attend the show.

Grande Provides Clarification


She later clarified why she was so upset, and explained that it wasn’t because of Cardi B herself, by tweeting, “Nothing to do w her. good for her.  i promise.  i’m sorry”.  She further explained her reaction by saying, “She’s not at all and that’s not what i meant and u know that.”

Perhaps to further prove her intent, Grande later liked a post on Cardi B’s Instagram where the rapper had posted the caption, “WE WON A F— GRAMMY!”  Grande also posted three hearts in the comment area.

Grande mentioned in a Twitter reply that she was frustrated because “this. this is what i meant.  karen was gonna have a great suit made”, which nodded to the fact that Miller’s mother planned to wear a green suit to bring awareness to what caused her son’s death.

Although Grande was upset because she thought the Grammy’s wasn’t showing proper respect to Miller’s family, they did honor him during an In Memoriam segment of the broadcast.



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