Tinder Banned This Guy Thanks to His Hilarious Profiles – Find Out Why!

If you’re familiar with the Tinder app, you’re probably used to seeing the occasional silly profile from time to time, but Jake takes the cake.

Scroll down to see some of Jake’s funniest profiles that have the Tinder community rolling over in laughter.  You won’t want to swipe left on this one!

Still Single

Instagram: Niftyshadesofjake

“I was feeling 22, but really I am 27 and should probably start taking dating seriously.

Swipe right to fill the blank space in my heart.  If you aren’t looking for a love story, baby just swipe left.”

Love is Blind

Instagram: Niftyshadesofjake

“No need to fear me getting back with my ex.  She won’t even look at me.  Anyways, unlike her, I promise to only bring out the blindfold if we decide to get kinky.”

Oops, She Did it Again!

Instagram: Niftyshadesofjake

“Oops!  She did it again. Girl was toxic, but I won’t be talking to her again.  Baby, not one more time.  Ignore the womanizers on this app.  Come get a piece of me.”

Irresistible Scent

Instagram: Niftyshadesofjake

“Well, I have now reached the time to delete my Tinder.  According to Axe’s commercials, my new invention will overwhelm me with ladies.

Swipe right now, or risk missing out on your chance to fall in love with a man who has the irresistible scent of a middle-school locker room.”

One Date, One Opportunity

Instagram: Niftyshadesofjake

“One date, one opportunity.  You are everything I ever wanted.  In one moment, would you swipe right, or just let it slip?

My palms won’t be sweaty.  Flirt-game not weak, charm is heavy.  I have a date planned already, let’s get spaghetti.”

Just a Little Baggage

Instagram: Niftyshadesofjake

“Girls like to travel, right?  Therefore, a smart man would then give a girl luggage as a gift.  Let me introduce you to 18 years of extra baggage.”

Let It Go

Instagram: Niftyshadesofjake

“Let it go, let it go, don’t text your ex back anymore.  Let it go, let it go, left swipe me and you might score.

Single I stand, but single I won’t stay. Lead the other guys on; the cold will let us snuggle the night away.”

Willing to Sacrifice Leg Days

Instagram: Niftyshadesofjake

“Want a guy who works out a lot, but still has time to hang out with you? Well, I’m willing to make a personal sacrifice and change leg days to date nights.

It will be rough on me, but your happiness is all that matters. Besides, pants were designed to hide the fact that I resemble an upside down triangle.”

Sorting a Few Things Out

Instagram: Niftyshadesofjake

“I have some things to sort out. But after that, I plan to Slytherin to your heart.”

Are You a Fan of Ghosting, Or…

Instagram: Niftyshadesofjake

“I’m having trouble picking a costume.  Want to help?  Swipe left if you are a fan of ghosting.  Swipe right if you are a fan of getting boned.”

Might Put a Ring On It

Instagram: Niftyshadesofjake

“Want to be crazy in love?  Well, to the left, to the left.  Swipe every other guy to the left.

If I like it, I might put a ring on it.  It could be our destiny to have a child, but for now, let’s just get pizza.”



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