Strange Planet Comics Will Definitely Make You Feel Weird… in a Good Way

In case your friends haven’t flooded your Facebook wall with this glorious comic yet, we’re here to help you out – as you won’t want to miss this one!

Nathan W. Pyle, a New York Times bestselling illustrator and artist has debuted a brand new comic series called Strange Planet, and it certainly is strange.  But in the very best way.  We mean it.

Here is a collection of some of our absolute favorites.  You just can’t help but relate, and you’re about to see why.  Which one is your own favorite?

Wounded Vital Organ

Nathan W. Pyle | Strange Planet

This is an excellent point.  We humans definitely have strange customs.

Exposed to Nearest Star

Nathan W. Pyle | Strange Planet

I can’t wait for star damage season to finally arrive.  I could use a little damage.

Smells Like Food

Nathan W. Pyle | Strange Planet

…just like how you need a pair of scissors to open a pair of scissors.  Just, why?!

Let Me Absorb

Nathan W. Pyle | Strange Planet

Totally worth the chance of absorbing facial fluids, and there’s nothing like a little limb enclosure to show that you really care.

One Last Hydration Cylinder

Nathan W. Pyle | Strange Planet

Funny how many hydration cylinders we go through each day in my own household.

Friends Arriving Soon

Nathan W. Pyle | Strange Planet

All I’m going to say is thank goodness for closets.

Can We Touch Hands

Nathan W. Pyle | Strange Planet

…or something like that.

And Now We Sing

Nathan W. Pyle | Strange Planet

This is my personal favorite. The way you’re expected to just sit there and stare at everyone singing about your ever-approaching demise is kind of anxiety-inducing.

Undeserved Pride

Nathan W. Pyle | Strange Planet

You’ll never think about football the same way again!  Excrement!

I Found This

Nathan W. Pyle | Strange Planet

An ideal companion, indeed.



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