Regretful Online Purchases That’ll Make You LOL

The thing about making purchases online is that you might not always get what you expect!  That’s exactly what happened in the images below, though granted…  I think some of them are actually better than expected!  (at least, for the humor factor alone.)

Do you agree?  Let us know in the comments below!

Hilariously Unexpected Online Purchases

Sterling Silver Spaghettios

Facebook | Cr8tiveIdeas

At least, they’re about the same size as spaghettios!  Seriously, who would ever need to wear a ring this size?  A baby’s finger wouldn’t even fit.

Yeez, Check out those Yeezies!

Facebook | Cr8tiveIdeas

I think that’s kind of what he deserves for spending $750+ on a pair of sneakers!

Not Quite the Right Size

Facebook | Cr8tiveIdeas

Plot twist:  Maybe she’s actually a giant human, and the mask is actually normal sized?

Slender Bear

Facebook | Cr8tiveIdeas

I’m sorry, but those legs are the stuff of nightmares.  This is what you’d send your worst enemy, not a friend, loved one or child!

Not so Form-Fitting

Facebook | Cr8tiveIdeas

Even more hilarious than the bad cut and sizing – check out the model’s obviously photoshopped hand in the left image!

Deceptive Dino

Facebook | Cr8tiveIdeas

Come ON, you know this had to have been done on purpose!  I’m pretty sure most parents wouldn’t want to give a pillow to their child that has the image of another child sleeping on it already.  Not to mention, wouldn’t that be awfully creepy to look at during the daytime?

Clear-ly Too Teeny

Facebook | Cr8tiveIdeas

…maybe you need to water it first?

Miniscule Muscle … Tank Top?

Facebook | Cr8tiveIdeas

To be fair, he DOES look better than how most girls might while wearing this.

A Swimmingly Good Time.  Not.

Facebook | Cr8tiveIdeas

Maybe this was advertised as a 3-ft swimming pool?

Green Goddess

Facebook | Cr8tiveIdeas

I’m sure a little ironing will fix it right up!

What a Tool

Facebook | Cr8tiveIdeas

I guess it IS technically a chainsaw…

A Rug for Bugs

Facebook | Cr8tiveIdeas

Perhaps this is better suited for an Aladdin themed playset.

Awesome Shirt, Dude

Facebook | Cr8tiveIdeas

I’d even go as far as to say this shirt is rather high koala-ty!

Size 11, for Babies

Facebook | Cr8tiveIdeas

Even worse than getting the wrong size, this shoe is very clearly a knock-off. Check out that backward swoosh!



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