Little Joshua Trump is All of Us

Joshua Trump is an adorable 11-year-old boy with a rather unfortunate last name. And because kids are nightmare monsters, Joshua was relentlessly teased and bullied about his last name — to the point where his mother pulled him from public school.

This drew the attention of one Melania Trump and her anti-bullying campaign. The injustice was just too much for the first lady to bear, so she invited little Joshua Trump to attend the State of the Union as one of her 13 guests.

Bedtime for Democracy

The SOTU began and President Trump delivered his speech in his usual style: monotone stretches of phrases broken up by audible sniffs with the occasional high pitched quip and smug grin. We won’t get into the contents of the Address here — that’s for the “fake” news media to handle.

Instead, we’ll check in on little Joshua Trump while the President went on about the importance of his border wall.

Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images

Just look at the little guy! We’re with you buddy! I’m a grown-ass adult and nearly had the same reaction while watching the SOTU on YouTube. Who can blame the kid?

Social Media Took Notice

Immediately after the camera panned across the audience and Joshua was seen catching some winks (it was probably after his bedtime, after all!), social media lit up.

But Let’s Get Serious…

Let’s get serious for a moment, however. Most of the Tweets about Joshua falling asleep during the SOTU were in good fun and in no way criticized the 11-year-old for doing what any 11-year-old would do while a 70-something-year-old man stood at a pulpit and droned on nonstop for an hour about topics way over his head.

And despite the obvious irony in Melania Trump’s anti-bullying crusade, it is incredibly important to teach our children acceptance, tolerance and respect for other people. And most importantly, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.”

Joshua’s mother says that his classmates constantly called him “idiot” and “stupid” just because he shared the same last name as one of the most outspoken bullies on the planet. But the fact that this kid felt so bad about it that he had to be pulled from public school is a disgrace to all parents in our country.

Maybe one day in the distant future, little Joshua Trump will decide to run for President. He could even run on the slogan, “Make Trump Great Again!”

We’re with you, Joshua. Never stop being you.



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