Easter Eggs from the Lego 2 Movie You May Have Missed

If you were a fan of how many references that the first Lego Movie managed to fit into just about every scene, you’re going to be even more satisfied with what the Lego Movie 2 accomplishes!

There are many secret little details and cameos that happen so quickly that you might miss them the first time you get a chance to watch the movie.

Read on to discover some of the biggest easter eggs you may not have spotted during your first viewing.


Harley Quinn Cameo

There is one point in the movie where the residence of Bricksburg are gathered together after the “aliens” abduct some of the more familiar faces.  Harley Quinn makes a quick cameo at this point, calling out “that’s a Suicide mission!”


Any fans of Harley would immediately catch onto the reference.

Sparkly Vampires

If you’re familiar with the entire Twilight series, you’ll immediately notice how the Lego Movie 2 was influenced!  Let’s just say that the entire wedding coordination team featured in this movie is very obviously related to the Cullens.


Ladies, rejoice!  Your newly favorite superhero makes more than one cameo in the new Lego Movie 2.  Jason Momoa’s likeness along with his voice (Chee-hoo!) is borrowed in this film.  He is actually the very first actor to voice his own superhero role in a Lego movie version.

Batman in Abundance

If you’re a fan of the Batman series, you’re going to be very happy with the Lego Movie 2.  Of course, there is the Batman character we all know and love, but there is also an incredible amount of nods to the entire Batman franchise.

Not only does he mention the nine Batman movies that already exist, but also the three more that are currently in development.  Even better, there are also classic Batsuit cameos, and every Batman actor is given a little love and recognition throughout the film.

Where Are My Pants?

The movie even pays a nod to itself as far as references go!  During one of the ending scenes, the father, played by Will Farrel calls out to the mother, Maya Rudolph – asking her to help him find his pants.

This movie helps lend where some of the most infamous lines of the original movie originated from the outside world, into the children’s minds who then created their own “Lego” world.  On that note, it is impressive how the movie had the foresight to record the children while they were younger, while their older selves were also presented.

Last, if you haven’t seen this movie yet – make sure to pay special attention to the song that plays during the credits, and listen to the words.  You won’t regret it.  You also shouldn’t listen to the naysayers who believe the second movie bombed – see it for yourself to see why that simply isn’t true.



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