Artist Confuses Passersby With Playfully Fake Shadows

If you happened to take a stroll in downtown Redwood City, you might notice something a little… off.  But in a good way!  Anyone passing by these peculiar works of art is bound to have a smile grace their lips.

Damon Belanger, an artist hailing from California, was recently commissioned by Redwood City to cover the streets with these delightfully realistic faux shadows.

With a swirl of his brush, otherwise ordinary shadows become something beyond imagination – such as a monkey among the maps, a smiling monster borne from mailboxes and the revelation of robots amongst us.

Are you ready to revel in the fantastical shadows that Belanger has brought to life?  Read on!

Artist at Work

Damon Belanger

If you’re curious about how these works of art came to be, this is a peek at the artist’s work in progress.

Shadowed Splendor

Damon Belanger

…and here is his work, completed.  You have to admit that this adds a certain flair to an otherwise mundane view.

Where Robotic Ants Do Their Dance

Beth Mostovoy

If this doesn’t bring a smile to your face, nothing will!

Monkey Meter Maid

Damon Belanger

Yeah, we’re just as confused as this monkey seems to be.

Mailbox Munch!

Damon Belanger

Here’s yet another view of the painted mailbox shadow that was in progress earlier.

A Bumpy Ride

Damon Belanger

You have to admit that a normal fence shadow isn’t nearly as much fun as this!

A Headless Hello

Damon Belanger

I hear ya, shadow.  Trying to figure out maps sometimes makes me lose my head, too.

Flower Power

Beth Mostovoy

A few pavement pansies will surely help deter bike theft, right?

Here, Kitty Kitty…

Damon Belanger

At least, I think this is a kitty.  I hope it is a kitty!

A Gnarly Ride

Damon Belanger

So, which one was your own personal favorite?  Tell us in the comments below!



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