You’ve Been Prescribed a Healthy Dose of Smiles!

Here’s the thing about smiling – it is definitely a good way to help cure whatever might be ailing you.  If you’d like to jumpstart your day (or end it, depending on when you happen to be reading this…) – we’ve got you covered.

Day vs Night



I dunno.  I think this drawing is giving the stick dude a little too much credit.  Everyone knows that at the end of the day in front of a computer you only have enough energy left to literally fall onto the bed, clothes or not.





You shouldn’t knock knock-off store brands.  (I dare you to try saying that three times fast.) They’re perfectly as good as the normal store brands, as long as you dump a little sugar on top.  And extra milk.  And then top it off with a little of the store brand for added crunch.  Voila!

Technically Accurate



Hey, it’s those small details that really make the difference in the end!  The important thing is to never give up, and keep trying.  Practice each day if you must.  One day you’ll be able to draw the most glorious of horses without that pesky horn getting in the way.

Oh Dear



I guess that would be a bummer.  Here’s hoping that all who enter this bathroom will take these meaningful words to heart.  Who wants to be that they’ll still leave the light on when they leave?

And Her Life Changed Forever



I mean, the cat was really THAT big – as big as her hands are showing!  Whoa!  Marilyn’s life was never quite the same after that moment.  No other cats ever quite lived up to the glory of the giant cat she saw that day.

Those Silly Boys



I guess if you have an especially hairy bottom this might come in handy.  The boyfriend was just trying to do everyone a favor!  What a thoughtful person.  She’d better hang on to that one – talk about a keeper.

That’s Just Not Cool



See?  I told you so.  This is simply beyond cruel.  How can you deny anyone coffee, especially in that kind of situation?  If you have to go through that, the doctor should be able to handle what comes out in the end at the very least.

Cause for Celebration



Oh yaaaaas.  When you pop that pint of ice cream into the microwave after your children have fallen asleep to get it to the perfect consistency, and KNOW if that microwave beeps even one time you’re done for.

I Giggled



Who ever knew that if you smushed a marshmallow bunny that Kim Jong-un would appear?  The resemblance is uncanny!  Now I’m tempted to gather up other marshmallow treats to see if other famous figureheads might make an appearance.

10.  Pumpkin Spice Everything



Oh YES.  Pumpkin spice everything, please!  But not for several more months.  I think we’ve had quite enough of it already.



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