Photos Guaranteed to Give You a Case of the Chuckles!

Do you sometimes feel like you’re just sitting there waiting for the grass to grow?  Fear not, for we have the ultimate cure for boredom. The photos below should help get a chuckle out of just about anyone!

So if you need an excuse to smile, or help wasting time while at work, read on…

The Children Have Arrived




There is nothing sweeter than the sight of a mother with her uhm…  fresh, newly born children?  In this case I think the “children” will be far safer if they’re kept away from their mother.

Early Warning Signs



Love is a many splendored thing, except when it isn’t.  There is nothing wrong with showing affection for the one you love, but sometimes people take it a bit too far.  At least this guy was warned early on into the relationship!

Nothing More than Fillings



That is very true.  Your dentist DOES have fillings.  He also has many other tiny pain devices, such as drills, miniature hammers, chainsaws and machetes all designed to help give you the brightest smile possible!

Hint Hint, Nudge Nudge



Some guys DO need to be nudged along a bit – that is a simple fact.  But girl, you don’t want your guy buying you a grocery store engagement ring.  Then again, I guess any ring will do in a pinch!  It’s the thought that counts?

Bless His Heart



Oh dear.  This person’s poor elderly father literally tried to print out a video.  I’m hoping all of the wrinkles in the paper wasn’t from him desperately trying to press the play button.  I also hope you didn’t try pressing the play button either.

A Relaxing Dinner



I have a young child of my own, and I have to say that this image is wildly accurate.  The truth is, if your child is at least staying still – even if their legs are literally flailing in the air – it really IS a nice dinner.

Poop Factory



This is the costume that EVERY dog should wear for Halloween.  And every cat.  And every child.  You should also add every man to that list, if you want to be really honest.  I personally like how this dog seems to have his very own headlights turned on.  Nice touch!

A Miracle of Nature



I think it is just a sign that no matter what shape you’re in at the beginning, there is hope that you can persevere and grow.  Or something like that.  At the very least he has something nice to look at while he’s getting his sweat on!

A Little Too Trendy



Oh GIRL.  I know how hard some of us try to follow the latest trends, but this is taking it about five million steps too far.  Yes, approximately five million.  At the very least she should have gotten it in the right order.  Teal up top, stripes down below!

The More You Know



At least the news is factual for once!  Right?  I’m actually kind of speechless on this one, and that never happens.  I guess there are some cats that think they’re dogs, and dogs that think they’re cats.  Let’s go with that.



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