Fabulous Finds You Won’t Believe Came from Wallyworld!

Sometimes we’re absolutely stunned to hear the words, “oh, yeah, I got it at Walmart.” While we often tend to think of it as a basic store with boring necessities, that’s not always the case. In fact, we’ve seen some pretty fabulous Walmart finds recently.

You, too, might be surprised by what you can find in the popular superstore. Here are some examples to prove our point.

This Cool Rotating Coffee Table


Newsflash, Ikea isn’t the only place to shop for chic, modern coffee tables. This ultra-hip rotating coffee table is a serious statement piece for your living space, too.

Seriously though, this is not the sort of table we expect to find at Walmart, much less for under $100.

Luxurious 1500 Thread Count Microfiber Sheets


1500 thread count… at Walmart? Yep, and you can pick them up in-store, too. Oh, they’re also available in over 30 colors. Yes, this might be one of the most fabulous Walmart finds ever. Why do we say that?

Because there’s a rollback on them and even the most expensive sets don’t appear to exceed $35. In some colors, you can get a king size set for as low as $20. Score.

A Parisian-Chic Midi Skirt – With Pockets!


What can we say? We love a skirt with pockets. This goes-with-anything skirt also has a cute sash that can be work in the front, back, or on the side.

It’s fun and flirty while still being classic and chic, making it a serious wardrobe essential.

A Stylish, Speckled Dinnerware Set


We couldn’t be more impressed with some of fabulous Walmart finds from Better Homes and Gardens. This dinnerware set, for instance, looks like something we’d find at a much more high-end store.

And it’s also far less expensive than one might expect, coming in under $50 for all 16 pieces

A Rolling Kitchen Island


Been dying to get more space in your kitchen but can’t find it in your budget? Peep this fabulous Walmart find: a rolling kitchen island for less than $60. It’s pretty basic, but for the price, it’s a steal.

We’d bet with some chalk paint, new casters, and some fancy drawer pulls, it could be a DIY dream island. Just sayin’.

This Stylish Crochet Swimsuit


Swimwear is just about the last thing that comes to mind when we think of Walmart. But, talk about fabulous Walmart finds, check out this crochet one-piece with a halter neck.

Now, what if we told you it comes in 6 different colors and is (drum roll please) less than $10. Yea, we were pretty shocked at the price tag, too.

A Gorgeous Tufted Sleeper Sofa


What if we told you, you could have a lush, tufted sleeper sofa for just over $350 including shipping. Well, you can – or you can get it for even less if you have it shipped to a store.

(Of course, if you’re opting for free pickup, you’re going to need some way to move and transport it.) It’s available in green, navy, grey, pink, and taupe velour and it folds down into a guest bed.

A 3-Pack of Super Cute Pineapple Tiki Torches


Keep mosquitoes from ruining your outdoor dining experience with an ultra-chic set of pineapple-shaped, citronella table torches. They’re cute, classy, and discreetly go with most patio décor. Plus, a three pack is less than twenty bucks.

Albanese Gummi Bears


Psssst, did you know that Walmart has the best gummi bears? Surprise, they do! That’s right, most stores carry Albanese sugar free gummi bears. So, while you’re stopping by to pick up all your other fabulous Walmart finds, be sure to grab a bag.

(Or three, we won’t tell – besides, they’re sugar free!)

Micro LED Canopy Lights


When you want to have the coolest canopy on the block, leave it to Walmart to provide the lighting. These lights can be used for all sorts of awesome backyard decorating options, whether or not you have a gazebo.

Use them on trees, large umbrellas, canvas canopies, or wherever you please for warm, outdoor night lighting.

Want to see more fabulous finds?  Check out our next article!



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