When You're Having A Bad Day ... Be Thankful You're Not One of These People. Impossible Not to Laugh.

We all have our good days and bad days. These people are having bad day. A very bad day. Be thankful it isn't you. Now that you've given thanks and acknowledged your gratitude ... feel completely free to roll on the floor laughing your @s$ off!

1. From telling the story ... to being the story.

2. That's a cool trick, oh wait. Ouch!

3. This guy's a walking disaster!

4. You dunk it, it dunks you.

5. Talk about getting suckered. They told the guy it's a bungee jump ... but as you can see, it's really a giant alligator fishing rig!

6. That had to hurt

7. Four crashes within seconds. I don't know if he is unlucky, or lucky he lived! Probably drunk!

8. What did you expect to happen?

9. Nothing quite as refreshing as dumping manure on your head

10. Ball to ball fun

11. I'm so dang mad at this car...oops.

12. There's a reason people surf in the water...

13. Even elephants hate paparazzi. Gimme that camera beotch!

14. The forest Gods get their revenge

15. Let me show you people at home how this works...

16. That's why I'm not so crazy about front row seats...

17. A new video artist who's making a splash...

18. Mother Nature 1, goalie Zero

(H/T) distractify

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