What This Kid Did To His Face Over The Years Is Completely Shocking - Part 2

He kept a photo journal of the changes he made to his face. He started out your average kid, then what he did over time will floor you!

13. Fooling around with his piercings.

14. After tattooing the tongue.

15. And the eyes.

16. Then adding more ink to his face.

17. What was once a normal looking kid...

18. Now looks like a demon in human form.

19. Even more ink on his face now.

20. He seems happy with his new look.

21. Even though it may terrify parents everywhere.

22. Freedom of expression is something that some people take very seriously.

23. And if this is what makes him happy, more power to him.

24. Transformation complete... For now.

To recap...BEFORE



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(H/T viralnova)

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