Must-See Videos of the Day. Daily 3: March 30, 2015

Here are the top three, most trending and must-see videos for your daily dose of 'can't miss this" footage!

This Man Was Boating On The Bayou...When Something Horrifying Happened

This man found himself in the most hostile waters imaginable, when this rare but life-threatening nightmare occurred. His survival is nothing short of miraculous.


This Little Girl's Response To Being Called Ugly Was PERFECTION.

For such a young girl, this little girl showed wisdom beyond her years when she put a school bully in place for calling her ugly with this witty, perfect comeback!


Wit was the best weapon here!

This High Speed Chase Ended With A Violent Crash...and...A Miracle

This high-speed chase ended unexpectedly in a horrific crash and a miracle you just have to see!


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