Unreal Optical Illusions That Will Totally Blow Your Mind!

These fun illusions might make you question your sanity! But, these masterly crafted illusions are only playing tricks on your brain. Can you be fooled?

Our brains have developed incredible tactics and coping mechanisms to help us make sense of the complex world around us. But some parts of our highly adaptive minds aren't perfect and can be exposed through carefully crafted illusions.

1. Akiyoshi Kitaoka uses geometrical shapes, brightness and color to create motion illusions. These images are not animated, but the human brain makes them appear so.


2. Using similar techniques, Randolph is able to create similar, more psychedelic illusions.




4. These cars look like they're different sizes...


but in reality they're all the same.

The Ponzo illusion works because our brain judges an object’s size based its perceived distance. The 3rd car seems further away, so it looks much bigger.


5. These dots seem to change color and orbit the center. But focus your eyes on a single dot - there's no rotating or color change at all.


6. Similarly, stare at the cross in the center and watch the blank spot.


7. This park in Paris looks like it has a giant 3D globe...


But it's actually completely flat.


8. Which orange circle looks bigger?

The Ebbinghaus illusion exploits our perception of relative size. When an object is surrounded by larger objects, it seems far smaller than it actually is.


Surprisingly, they’re the same size.


9. Stare at the yellow dot. Then, move your head closer to the screen and the pink rings will rotate.

The Pinna-Brelstaff illusion occurs because of flaws in peripheral vision.


10. You won’t believe it, but the squares marked ‘A’ and ‘B’ are actually the exact same shade of grey.


This replica proves it...

Our brains automatically adjusts color based on surrounding shadows. Since B is in the shade of the green cylinder, but is still the same color as A, the brain believes that it's a lighter shade of grey.


11. Look at this swirling for 30 seconds and then look at the Inception photo below.


Staring at the swirling gif makes your eyes fatigued, so the non-moving images come to life as they try to regain composure.


12. The "Ames Room" illusion messes with our depth perception and is created by slanting the back wall of the room towards the camera and the ceiling downwards.


13. These yellow and blue blocks appear to move one after the other, right?

When the black bars are removed, you’ll see that they’re always parallel and that the black bars are distorting your brain’s perception of movement.


14. Slowly move your head towards image and the light in the middle will get brighter. Move your head away and the light will become weaker.

This is the dynamic luminance-gradient effect by Alan Stubbs from the University of Maine.


15. Stare at the center of the colored version, then wait for it to change to black and white.

Instead of turning black and white, your brain fills in the color it thinks you should be seeing, based on the orange and blue photo. Blink and you’ll be back to black and white.


16. All the dots on this image are white, but some appear black.

No matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to look directly at the black dots that appear in the circles. Why this illusion works is still a mystery.


17. By manipulating the human brain and eyes, Brusspup is able to create amazing animations with nothing but a black card.


18. The dinosaurs’ eyes follow you wherever you go...

The "hollow face illusion" works because our brains perceive objects differently when we recognize them as faces. Although the right eye of the dinosaurs get farther as you move, you brain believes the distance is closer than it really is.


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