Unintentional but Hilariously Offensive Typos that will make you Howl and say OMG!

It's easy to make a typo. It happens. But when it is on a sign, TV or major advertisement... it's a really big problem. It's even worse when the typo suggests another word or meaning you never intended. A very bad meaning. That's what happened to these people. LOL!

1. yeah, we know her

2. I lost my appetite

3. Dinner and a movie?

4. OMG!

5. ...yeah, it's to learn how to spell "Dream"

6. Must be made from rump roast

7. I think they proved their point

8. Something everyone should know...

9. That's what i say when I see 'em too

10. On Wednesday, the world as we know it...burns up

11. I don't even want to think about what #6 is derived from

12. This is so offensive, I don't know what to say...

13. Take this medicine, on time, or else!

14. You know the slogan: "Snickers Satisfies"


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