People Who Might Be A Little Too Crazy Over Christmas. Or Just Crazy!

These people are either nuts about Christmas, or just plain nuts! Either way, their over abundance of holiday cheer is downright hysterical!

1. I wonder what career path these girls might grow up to take?

2. Just say Noel, I mean NO!

3. No stockings, but this Santa is still doing some hanging...

4. The moral: Don't be a turd or a horse's ass this season

5. I hope that's a display santa.

6. Someone really hates the holidays...

7. Interdenominational Christmas. Kind of creepy.

8. They tell the Christmas story just a little different in their country...

9. Don't forget...Jesus is watching

10. Now you know why all the stores are out of lights this year...

11. That's so wrong...

12. It's the thought that counts, right?


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