The Things Being Photographed On Mars Are Freaking People Out - Part 2

These pictures sent back by rovers and satellites have people making all kinds of speculations about what they are. See for yourself. What do you think?

11. Did someone commission a sculpture of Obama's head on Mars?


12. These layered rocks led to speculation of martian ruins.


13. Despite the appearance of this rock formation, it is not in reality an alien skull.


14. Sorry, try again. Pretty sure the Civil War was fought on Earth.


15. Just Big Foot taking a stroll on Mars. Or probably just a rock.


16. If this isn't a Martian vehicle's hood ornament, certainly it's a robot finger. Chances of it just being a rock are slim, right?


17. Some people think this is a coffin. You know, just laying around on Mars.


18. Is this a Martian traffic light? I'll let you decide.


(H/T viralnova)

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