These People All Died In Mysterious Ways That Investigators Still Can't Explain

It's creepy phenomenon called: spontaneous human combustion. And while it has its skeptics, recent studies show it appears to be a reality.

spontaneous human combustion (or SHC)



It has been observed that most victims of SHC appear to be alcoholic, overweight, and elderly women.


similar pattern

The combustions all appear to have a similar pattern as well, leaving mostly ashes, grease, and a distinct smell. Oddly, some or all of the limbs remain in tact.


Attempts to debunk

Some scientists have attempted to debunk the spontaneous occurrence of SHC by hypothesizing that there are some natural causes to explain it.



Some scientists suspect that, due to the obesity of some of the victims, they were unable to move once their bed had already caught aflame, and subsequently caught fire.


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(H/T viralnova)

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