These 33 Pranks Are Either Brilliant or EVIL. Either Way, They Are So FUN To Watch!

With friends like these...who needs enemies? But you have to admit, these are some very clever pranksters. They went all out to come up with these ideas!

1. If only I could be a fly on the wall...

2. Amazing what a little trapezoid can cause.

3. The human slinky.

4. I don't think she's a boxing fan.

5. He just wanted to ask for directions.

6. What a butthead.

7. I'm sure he thought he was jumping from much higher than that!

8. The employees must really hate him.

9. Thank goodness he didn't start the engine first.

10. I really want to work in a coffee shop now.

11. Replace one of these with the other and just wait.

12. Outta mah chair!

13. Yeah, no. Uh uh. Nope.

14. Unintended extra bonus!

15. Making mama mad is never a good idea.

16. Gotta love the ol' distraction OH HEY THERE'S A BALL technique.

17. And they never did it again.


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