Who is this strange character "The Slender Man?" True or Fake? Watch this and decide what you believe.

There are opposing views as to whether "The Slender Man?" is Real or Fake. Grabberwocky presents both sides of the story and we'll allow you to draw your own conclusions.


EVIDENCE: The Slender Man Is Real

Classified Information: Video taken from camera found at the scene of crime.
Encryption Key: ADfsajie15671@#$%sjdnfalehbaeb4h7564
If files are released to the public, destroy everything.


EVIDENCE: The Slender Man Is Fiction

slender man

According to wikipedia:

The Slender Man (also known as Slenderman) is a fictional character that originated as an Internet meme created by Something Awful forums user Eric Knudsen (a.k.a "Victor Surge") in 2009. It is depicted as resembling a thin, unnaturally tall man with a blank and usually featureless face, wearing a black suit. The Slender Man is commonly said to stalk, abduct, or traumatize people, particularly children.[1] The Slender Man is not tied to any particular story, but appears in many disparate works of fiction, mostly composed online.

The Slender Man Documentary


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