The Strangest Ways To Die That Ever Occurred. Let's hope we don't die like this...

Some of the most unexpected and ironic ways to die that ever happened. When it's your time...I guess it's your time, but like this? Please, No.

1. 455 BC: Athenian author Aeschylus was killed when an eagle dropped a tortoise on his head.


2. 1567: Hans Steininger, burgomaster of Braunau broke his neck and died by tripping on his 4.5 ft long beard.


3. 2007: Jennifer Strange died of bladder failure after trying to win a Nintendo Wii from a radio promotional contest, "Hold Your Wee For A Wii".


4. 2014: Twenty-one year old Oscar Otero Aguilar died by accidentally shooting himself in the head trying to take selfie while holding a loaded gun.


(H/T viralnova)

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