The Riskiest Views In The World You Can Visit If You Dare.

From hiking, to biking, to rivers and are the riskiest wiews and places in the world that daring people risk their lives to see.

1. Kjeragbolten

This rock sits 3,245 ft in the air between two boulders in Rogaland, Norway.

2. Trift Suspension Bridge

This bridge sits 330 ft in the air and stretches 560 feet (only 3 feet wide) in the Swiss Alps.

3. Stolen Chimney, Fisher Towers

This summit is a park of Utah's Moab National park and is noted as one of the most precarious peaks in the world.

4. El Caminito Del Rey

Known as the "Little Pathway of the King," this was built in 1905 and has had little to no repairs done until recently.

5. Devil's Pool, Victoria Falls

You'll have to travel to South Africa if you want to see this beautiful 355ft cascade.

6. Hussaini Hanging Bridge

Located in Northern Pakistan, this is one of the most dangerous bridges in the world.


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