Ridiculous "Made In China" Products That Aren't A Bargain On Black Friday or Anytime. Hilarious!

You almost got me China. These look-alike (almost), sound-alike (almost) can fool you if you don't look closer. But when you open the box it's totally: WTF?!?!

1. X-Boy. They've also got Wee and PlayBox

2. Check out my new "Colby Briant" "Lekers" jersey...might be fun as a joke.

3. China, Sonia not SONY...You Ol' Trickster You.

4. My little severed head.

5. Perfect... if you're tearing your nails completely OFF!

6. PMUA. They'll NEVER notice. They have Neki shoes too I'm sure!

7. Here are some Corcs to wear when you take off your Pmua and Neki running shoes.

8. Translation: This glove is probably toxic.

9. I didn't know real "leather" was made from recycled cardboard.

10. This "safe" that doesn't need a combination.

11. You'll think you can fly...

12. Out of all continents...they can't get Asia right? Really?

13. Never wear this to Comic-Con.


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