Bizarre Natural Phenomena That Puzzled Scientists Still Can't Explain

Nature does some crazy things. As hard as Scientists have looked for answers, they simply are yet to find an explanation for these 23 natural occurrences.

1. The Sun's corona

The corona is made of plasma, but for some reason, it's hotter than the surface of the sun itself. The sun's surface is about 5,800 degrees Kelvin, but the corona can reach 1 to 3 million degrees Kelvin. That's really hot.


2. Animal migration

All kinds of animals migrate, but somehow, they all know how to do it and where to go, even if they're separated from others of their species. How the knowledge got hardwired in there is still a mystery.


3. The Hum

Several places are known to have "the hum," which is a low-frequency humming or droning sound whose source remains unclear. Taos, NM, is best known for its hum, but only 2% of the population has the ability of hearing it. Those 2% find it super irritating.


4. Jellyfish Lake

The "jellyfish lake" is connected to the ocean via underground channels, and it got its name from the jellyfish that migrate in and out daily. (How, if they barely have brains? See above.) But between 1998 and 2000, there was evidently some kind of jellyfish boycott, because they just didn't for those two years.


5. Ice circles

Ice circles occur in slow moving water in freezing temperatures. It's thought they're formed in eddy currents, but there's no proof. They can get up to 15 meters in diameter.


6. Bigfoot

Bigfoot and the Yeti have been favorites of paranormal fans for years, and the jury's still out on if they're supposed to be the same species. Most scientists, and most people, dismiss them as myth, but some believe they may be members of a relic population of ancient giant apes.


7. Saturn's storm

A NASA spacecraft spotted this hurricane on Saturn in 2013. Its eye measured 2,000 km across. On Earth, hurricanes are caused by warm ocean currents, but it's unknown how this storm started on Saturn.


8. Fish from heaven

There have been many cases of weird stuff falling from the sky. In 2000 in Ethiopia, it rained thousands of fish. It's thought they were lifted and transported by a storm, but the weird thing is that when animals fall from the sky, it only ever seems to be one species at a time.


9. Naga fireballs

The Naga fireballs are a supposed phenomenon occurring in Thailand and Laos, where glowing red orbs are said to rise from Mekong River. No one knows how they might form, if they form at all.


10. The Silent Zone

The Mapimi Silent Zone outside of Durango, Mexico, is known for its utter silence and for its seeming ability to attract objects from the sky, including Apollo boosters, a test missile, and a huge meteorite. Coincidence?


11. Disaster flashes

Before an earthquake strikes or a volcano erupts, some people report seeing flashes of light, and have for centuries. In the 1960s, the phenomenon was photographed for the first time, but there's still no explanation as to why it happens, or if both natural events have the same reasons behind their flashes.


12. The Moon illusion

The moon always seems huge when its on the horizon, getting smaller as it climbs higher into the sky. But studies show that from the same vantage point, the moon measures the same when compared to another object regardless of its position relative to the horizon. It just looks big without being big.


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